A vision was seen of Jesus standing holding His hand over India and a lot of leaders emerging from among the people. There are a lot of Christian leaders going to start to emerge from the nation. We will hear much about miracles and God’s work even in the worst circumstances, although India’s hardship will continue, changes will also continue. The government is trying to address poverty and issues. New and more effective leadership will be coming in. Many churches around the world have been investing in India. In the coming year the fruit of these efforts will become visible.

India will experience great pressure and criticism on their government in this new season. Old traditional and cultural principles and ideas will start to be challenged publicly by the young generation. Scandals will cause many well-known and influential people in India to lose face in public and this will add to the outcry for change.

A vision was seen of people that are very poor coming out of the slums. There is going to be a turnaround for the poor population. Leadership will arise that is concerned for the poor and willing to help them become self-sufficient. This will cause an economic turnaround as well.

There will be conflict on the borders of India, especially in the area of Nepal. A vision was seen of a red line going around the borders of India; the effect of the conflict on the economy will not be good; pulling it down. The Indian government is trying to implement strategies to keep the Indian people inside the country in order to grow the economy, but it is not working. It is as if the conflict in the areas surrounding India is spilling over. This is causing immigration between India and Europe. The Indian government will try to keep Indian people in their country and European governments do not want the Indian people in Europe. Yet still an increasing number of Indians will be going over to Europe and Indian neighbourhoods will be rising all over Europe. Out of that a future new economic system will develop, which will be positive. The process has just started. In future, the governments will lift some of the measures that they put into place in order to expand that economic system, which will lead to a positive turn in the Indian economy.