There seems to be a carefree lawlessness amongst the people with no concern for the consequences of their actions. Because of this they will be brought down to their knees.


The Italians are burying their heads in the sand. Major problems are increasing in their economy. Despite the crisis in Greece, Italy is not awakening to the problems in their own economy. Difficult decisions needs to be made by the government to avoid a disaster. The time is running out. On the surface everything seems calm, but below the surface it is rotten. Tax evasion and corruption needs to get serious attention.

Italians need to tighten their belts and curb spending. The nation will ask for international assistance. Banks will be under strain. Long queues of people were seen outside banks. There will be a strong police presence on the streets of major cities. Unrest, riots and deaths on the streets will occur. A lot of job losses have occurred that have not received any media attention.

The government is slack and uninformed about events and the image they are portraying to the outside world. This will change. Improvements will be made to what is seen by the international community.

Italy has a lot to offer to the world. There is great spectrum for growth in export and trade. Due to the mentality of the people, their ability to see these opportunities is limited. God wants to release their entrepreneurial flair. The Italians are resilient and don’t need much to get by. Do not underestimate this nation’s inherent abilities. Surprising innovation (especially on the culinary front) will come from them. There is an inherent fear of God, even though often misdirected, that carries them through. The tarnished reputation of the past will be restored and Italy will again be respected amongst the nations.


Where, in the past, the Italians spent a lot on goods, clothing and holidays abroad, they will now opt to stay home and spend vacations in Italy in order to secure their economy. Infrastructure Greater planning and development of infrastructure will occur in the next year to bring order to chaos.

Attempts will be made to enforce traffic rules and educate the population to minimise bad driving and unnecessary accidents that strains the economy. Insufficient building regulations will be revised and proper building inspections will be implemented. Outdated labour laws will also receive attention. Not just big city centres but also small municipalities will be targeted.


Property registration will become an issue. Some are selling property to the government without any legal proof of ownership. Many inhabitants have no deeds to their land and property. It has been handed down from generation to generation without any legal documentation in place. A moratorium on the sale of properties might be put in place until this issue is resolved. Bringing Order

The younger generation undertake their education in foreign countries and bring new methods and understanding back to Italy. The older generation resists any form of change. They complain about new methods and ideas. Many will fight the changes, but the majority of the people will support the younger generation’s attempt to get Italy’s house in order. Innovation God will remove the dullness and passivity towards innovative technology. An awakening will take place towards innovation. Bright minds that have become dull will awaken to produce new helpful technologies. The nation will realise the potential of its natural resources and begin to see how it can be utilised to export new products to other countries and strengthen the economy.


Italians know how to live off the land and they don’t see it as a special technology. People wanting to glean from them must approach them directly. As a nation they do not struggle with pride and are therefore very approachable and ready to share. Their niche seems to be sustainable agriculture and not highly profitable commercial units. They understand lifestyle farming. Much could be learned from them in joint ventures especially within African nations.


The Italian people are not outspoken or bold about their faith. But when things get difficult, their faith and resilience are shown. Italy will not succumb to Islamic threats or invasion of their land. The Lord has given the people the ability to occupy their land. They will not be removed by foreign forces. The immigration crisis will cause the resilient hearts of the people to shine


The amount of migrants that has crossed the Mediterranean ocean towards Europe in the past few years, will seem insignificant in comparison to what is still coming. Desperate people will use all means possible to cross over. A vision was seen of the Mediterranean ocean turning into blood. Gruesome atrocities will occur on the waters: People drowning, being thrown overboard and murdered. Italy needs to take a stand against the unrestricted arrival of ships on its borders. Immigrants are being exploited by ship owners for financial gain. God will judge these people.

A drought in the region of Venice, Italy was seen. Due to health concerns from pollution, the authorities will close down the island for a period of time.

A vision was seen of an ash cloud emanating from a volcano in Italy that will cause air travel disruptions. Three signs of nature will occur in Italy: Large thunderstorms, a volcano spewing ash and an earthquake shaking the country. Intercession Some spiritual movements will imitate Christianity and mislead Christians into following them. This will lead believers away from the truth of Christ and isolate them. There are not many intercessors in Italy. It is of utmost importance that prayer warriors stand in the gap for what is happening in Italy.