God will save the Japanese from natural calamities in 2016. There will be relative success and calm while many countries around them will experience the effects of climate change and destruction from natural disasters. It is a season of favour for Japan.

Church in Japan

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” As the people turn from their idol worship, God will awaken, within the Christians of Japan, a desire to study His Word and abide in His Teachings. They will know the power of prayer and separate themselves for His service.

Churches in Japan are small and poorly financed. The manner in which the gospel is preached is ineffective. They need to change their methods. If they pray and ask God, He will show them a new plan. Although Japan is a small nation the Lord is saying: “My favour is on you. I have called you and I have blessed you. I am restoring you in the eyes of the nations as a people of prayer that will follow me.” For many years the church in Japan has been seen as an infant. The church has, in fact grown to maturity. Mature ministers will arise and be known across the global church. A strong connection between the church in Japan and the rest of the Body of Christ will form.

Unusual miracles will take place in the Japanese church. These events will be publicised internationally and will result in many being saved. People from other nations will come to Japan to experience the move of God. The church in Japan will be transformed because of this.


There will be serious economic challenges in Japan. People will struggle to make ends meet. God will carry them through this difficult season.

An economic reformation is on the cards for Japan. Influential individuals in economy and government are discussing the plans for the next 50 years. They understand that drastic change needs to take place if the economy is to grow and succeed in the next half century. The greatest change since the 1980’s will take place in economic policy. They will build on the success of the past thirty years. The new direction will necessitate change in the culture of the Japanese. Many old CEO’s and directors will resign or be replaced to facilitate this change.

The younger generation is ready to think in a new manner and work in a new way. Previous young generations have adopted the ways and ideas of their predecessors. But the current young generation is ready to think differently. Many Japanese children will be sent for further education to the West in order to gain understanding of the western culture and get exposure to international ideas and influences in order to implement them in Japan. Strong economic ties will be established with China. Big deals and agreements will be signed between these nations.


A massive recall of Japanese exported vehicles will cause an economic downturn. The economy will stabilise again and make great gains. While other Asian countries will experience economic pressure, the Japanese economy will be growing.

Japan will continue to have a great influence on the Asian markets. The issue of over-fishing will become a serious global discussion and Japan will have to answer to the international community for its fishing practices. Accusations regarding fishing in other nations’ waters will be lodged against Japanese companies. Japan will introduce stricter measures in the policing of their own waters to curb illegal fishing.

The high pricing of quality technological products developed in Japan will be reduced to compete in the international market. Western countries will cause an increase in the Japanese printing and publishing industry due to its cost effectiveness. Business There has been an erosion of trust amongst Japanese businessmen due to the escalation of bribery.


A vision was seen of the Japanese sitting in sackcloth and ashes. The world will pity Japan and ask why such an unfair thing should happen to them. It is because of the people resisting God. The Lord wants to bring breakthroughs and reveal Himself to communities, but they are resisting His work. An inland disaster will occur. A big pillar of smoke will rise and the fire will not be easily quenched. The cause is not obvious at first. It may be a gas or fuel pipeline.

A specific warning of an earthquake which will result in a tsunami was received.

In the vision a chemical factory burnt down due to the earthquake. The fire spread over a large portion of the area. Safety regulations, with regard to the treatment of volatile chemicals in danger zones, need to be revisited. Despite the Fukushima nuclear disaster, there are still many companies that are not following the necessary protocols to prevent future catastrophes.

Some exotic foods enjoyed by the Japanese will cause controversy. Government will introduce policies to curtail the consumption of these foods.