The Japanese nation will be going through continual turmoil and shaking as the Lord is addressing the spirit of tradition and control within the nation; which has placed a performance pressure on the people. The Japanese people experience pressure up to unbearable levels and the Lord wants deliver them from this spirit. We will see national figures in Japan just stepping down from their posts because of pressure, which will start to open up a door to people from the outside. Outside ministries will come in and speak to the heart of the nation, and cause an opening to the closed nature of the people of Japan. The country will be strengthened in many areas.

The sun is rising over this nation and there is a new flow of technology and a flow of strength causing a change in their ability to produce. There is again favour on Japan, together with an invitation from heaven.

The Lord is giving a warning to the nation against another a huge tsunami; the enemy has a plan to destroy the nation and God wants to save the people of Japan. A turn to the Lord and intercession for this nation is needed.