There is a strong pull of witchcraft in this nation and this has to be dealt with. This fear factor creates an environment for spiritual contamination: God is worshiped while fearing and appeasing witchcraft. This keeps the nation in limbo. They are supposed to be a jewel, but they are not seeing it. Pray that people will be sent to reveal this. Wise help is needed.

Lesotho does not realise the innovation potential within their own country and people. Indian business men seem to dominate industry, but the indigenous population seems to be paralysed into passivity. The population is lax in developing their land to its full potential. Agriculture has the potential to become one of the esteemed areas of development. God wants them to become aware of the new things He is doing within the country.

Isaiah 43:18-19: “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth. I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

Church in Lesotho

The country moved out of Gods spiritual covering a couple of decades ago. Church and spiritual leaders are moving closer to God again and therefore He will re-establish His covering over them.

This process will work through to government and when that happens there will be a turn in the economy. The words “seasons of tears are ending and seasons of joy will come” was heard, especially for the church. God is going to do a great work. The Holy Spirit is raising up men and women in Lesotho who will bring this gospel of joy. As the people receive the message of joy, God will remove their tears and be their light, bringing hope for the future. Churches have the opportunity to get involved with projects to support the nation in developing their potential. Partnerships will develop between the church and small corporations to transform the minds of the community and society and move them from poverty into a prosperity mentality.


A lot of companies are standing outside the nation and looking in, seeing the potential and opportunities for business. But the people of Lesotho communicate despair and defeat, de-motivating foreign investors from entering the country’s economy. In the future this will change. A vision was seen of huge trucks entering the country, building of mines and water purification facilities. The unique local crafts of Lesotho will receive international attention.

New discovery

New mineral discovery will open the Lesotho economy for greater riches and a better life. Caution is given in the mining of these resources: Government must not sell their birth rights to foreign conglomerates. South African expertise should play an important role in the process and decision making for mining.


Attention will be drawn to the amount of theft and crime perpetrated within government. If government does not plan ahead transportation will cripple the business sector in the future. Wisdom is needed to plan the upgrade and diversification of the nation’s transport system. Leadership Vacuum Lesotho is struggling with a leadership vacuum. Existing leaders do not serve the people but further their own agendas. Leaders in all sectors of society have to develop a unified vision for the country. God has heard the prayers of the saints. He will send a leader whose heart will be for the people. He will implement strategies and plans to benefit the population. Although he will not be the president or vice-president, he will have influence in decision-making from a managerial position in government. The Royal house has a vision for the nation but they are being undermined. This has to be dealt with.

Outside Influences Political instability will occur. Interference from South Africa will become an issue. These influencers will attempt to force their ideology on the people of Lesotho which will not suit the population. Tension will increase amongst the people resulting in fear about the future of the nation. In the end these influences will not last. A vision was seen of the map of South Africa. Lesotho started to blend into the Republic of South Africa. A stronger integration with South Africa seems possible in the future.


God will address ethnic conflicts in the nation and bring unity amongst the people.