A season of refreshing

A wind is blowing over Lesotho. The season of refreshing that has started will continue. New economic growth in the nation is coming. The Lord is releasing businesses into the nation that will stir the economy and stir up the people.

The leader that the Lord has called has had dreams in his heart and words from the Lord on his heart of how to change the nation and bring healing to the economy. In this season, those words will come into fulfilment. There have been visions that the Lord has released to him. The Lord will give him the grace to speak and carry across vision to the nation to lift the economy. The economy of Lesotho will undergo significant changes. Many will look at the economy and wonder how it happened.

A young leader

A young leader is being raised to take Lesotho forward who will be a future prime minister. This man has a great vision for the nation.

The church and the government

The Church and the government will come together. As God raises the prophetic in the nation, there will be an alliance and strong relationship between the prophets and government. Lesotho will rise from the ashes.

The pace of the church and political pace will run together. You will know the country is prospering and doing well when the church is prospering and doing well.

Many new people will be called into the ministry. The church will see a revival, and that speaks of a revival in the political sphere.

Christians will start to stand up in a greater way in Lesotho. Through spiritual counsel, believers will influence government. More people sent by God from South Africa and other countries will start entering Lesotho and bring their expertise. The opening up of economic opportunities will bring more international companies to the country.

Lesotho’s call

Lesotho has a specific and unique calling. Lesotho’s mineral resources will give the country great favour in Europe, similar to the favour South Africa has because of its resources. The favour of God will be on the nation in terms of business and in what it has to offer. The Europeans will suddenly take cognisance of this nation.

A picture of an eagle resting on a mountain top was seen, influencing all the business spheres in Lesotho. There is a call for Lesotho to get even closer to God.

God is placing an open door before the nation. There is a sense of great responsibility for the nation at this point. Leaders need to make decisions that are born of the wisdom of God.

Christian prayer gathering

A stadium will be filled with people praying, and leaders of the church will join hands. There will be a strong unity amongst church leaders. They will understand that God has called them to build the nation and link arms with the government. Leaders of great integrity will be raised in this coming day in Lesotho.


New prosperity is coming to Lesotho. They will find gems and treasure in the ground that have not been discovered before. It will be in a remote area in the north of Lesotho. A new town will be raised to become the second capital because many will gravitate towards this town.

There is some mystery in the ground, hidden things that the Lord wants to reveal. These minerals and products will bring economic wealth and health.

The number of first-world shopping centres will increase in Lesotho and become more popular and economically viable.

Development collaboration

The Lord wants to see people collaborating. Lesotho will not be able to develop by itself. The country’s ability to hold hands with other people knowledgeable in certain areas will open up these areas for development.

There is a stable season coming to the nation. The Lord wants government, the church and the people to make the correct choices. The right choice is not closing up, but opening up and knowing exactly who to take hands with.

People positioned

There is a gentleman that the Lord is raising that will have the ear of someone with significant influence in Lesotho, possibly the king. This voice will bring great wealth and great insight into the nation if the nation listens. An upsurge in the influence of the royal family within the nation will occur.

Spiritual resistance

There is strong spiritual resistance that will come against the leadership because of God’s plan to really move certain things out of place so that the nation can move forward.

A stronghold of witchcraft over the nation has kept the nation from rising to the full potential that it is called to. In the next while, God will move to break this stronghold. A new Lesotho, a new nation, will be raised with a new identity and purpose.

The Church

At this time, the church has been called to stand in prayer like never before for the nation but specifically for the government. The enemy wants to take them out, but the Lord wants to empower them to work together and move forward.

The church will step up to a new level in impacting the nation and influencing its people.

An unusual unity

An unusual unity will occur amongst the leaders and the nation at large. People that were divided and had conflict with each other before will have softened hearts. Like in Ezekiel, God will take out the stony heart and give them a heart of flesh. God will change some people’s hearts who have been hardened in their hearts and had hatred towards other leaders, with some raising swords against each other. The news will report on two political parties co-operating that would not usually work together. Youth will come together. Older leaders will sit together and proclaim their unity in front of the nation. People will be surprised. It will not be a false unity for political advancement but a true unity born from the Spirit of God from in the hearts of the leaders.


There will be a revival of the airways. It is not clear if Lesotho Airways will be restored or if a new airline will start up. The airport will be revived and restored to its former glory and be even greater.

There will be a restructuring of the transportation system. Through the wisdom of God, leaders will be introducing something new in the area of transportation. The current transport system will be upgraded to overcome the current challenges.

Young men

The Father is going to raise young men and women like Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego. God is already training them. Some of them are not yet in the political arena or any official government position. They are young men of wisdom and standing for what is right, not just on a moral level but also on a spiritual level. They truly walk with God. They will begin to rise and join hands with the older generation of leaders. Some of them will advance into positions of government. New wisdom from God and revival will come to the government.

Exports and imports

Lesotho will start to look inward more than outward. A decrease in foreign aid will start to take place. For some, it will look as if it is a bad thing, but the Lord will cause them to realise the treasure that He has placed within them. Even the current prime minister will publicly acknowledge this.

Raising of women

The women in Lesotho are crying, but a leader within Lesotho’s government will arise and bring a women’s movement. This leader will be rallying them like Deborah from the Bible to bring revival in their respective areas in the nation.

God will raise leaders, gifts, companies, and skills to uplift women to new levels across the nation. The Lord will cause women from every district to rise and realise who they are and the potential that the Father has put in them. But it will not be a women’s movement that is against men (i.e. feminist).

A revival of the youth

A strong revival will occur amongst the youth, and youth rallies will become more prevalent. At the moment, there is real hatred towards the hypocrisy in leaders, and the young people see through this. An authentic, genuine desire for God will occur, and while there is an attack on the youth in many areas, there will be a worldwide revival with the youth.

Focus on the Kingdom of God

The focus of the Kingdom of God with miracles, signs and wonders will become a reality. An understanding of the Kingdom of God will replace the traditional understanding of the local church. The church is founded on the foundational doctrines of the faith. This doctrine is one aspect of the Kingdom of God. The local church will gain a greater understanding of their function regarding spreading God’s Kingdom on the earth. The focus of leaders will change from building their local church to building the kingdom of God.

Business and the church

Relationship and partnership between business and leaders will be built in the church and the Kingdom of God. There will be a new move of God among Kingdom people in business and a new understanding of how to build the Kingdom in the marketplace, as well as an understanding of how to finance kingdom projects. Teaching on tithes and giving will change. Business people will develop a new understanding of their function and calling in terms of financing the Kingdom of God.

New ideas

There will be a new season and planting of new ideas for the development of Lesotho. People are looking to see how they can do things differently. There will be consultation with people from foreigners to give them more ideas about how they can improve.

Hidden wisdom that the enemy has covered over the years will be uncovered. Fresh ideas and a new way of working will come from these leaders in government and outside of Lesotho’s government.

Wrong influences on leaders

A prominent couple was seen. The lady in this couple influences the man. She feeds the man ideas, and he is swayed by what she says. It can confuse him as he listens to her. He will ultimately take back his authority as he has been placed in this position for a reason, and he will know what to do.

Border crossings

A border crossing into South Africa that has not been used much in the past will be developed and become busier. Roads in South Africa leading to these border posts will be upgraded.

The Lesotho judiciary

An attempt to control and manipulate the judicial system will come from a political source. This will become a talking point in the nation. Certain people in the judicial system will be removed, and new people will be put in place. The public will demand greater accountability in the appointment of judges and people in the judicial system to ensure its integrity.


The nation will prosper more in the year to come. Rain was seen. Agriculture will increase to the point where Lesotho can start exporting. These exports will not be to South Africa but will go overseas. A crop that failed before will start to prosper and increase.

More businesses will open. Current businesses that are dead will be revived and be modernized. Changes in the country will make the country more attractive to business. Lesotho will catch up with the modern world.

Clamping down on criminal elements

The government will start to clamp down on criminal elements. Safety in Lesotho will improve, and the increase in tourism will assist the nation in prospering.

Nexus of corruption exposed

A network of corruption will be exposed from a previous presidential leader. The person involved has created a small group of people around him that manipulate behind the scenes. They will work against the current leader. It will seem that many promises he made seem to be slow to be implemented. Some of these figureheads will be exposed, and this network of corruption working against transformation will be crushed.

Many cases of corruption will be exposed to the public in the next season.