Fake news

The new buzz word in the media is “fake news”. The media is being scrutinised for both good and bad. There is an overemphasis on this, making it very difficult for the populace to authenticate what is true and what is not. Media with incorrect bias will be exposed. Over time, the nation will learn to verify the different sources using, amongst others, social media. The slant of mainstream media will no longer be believed as a matter of course when the nation matures in learning to discern the credibility of media reports – Donald Trump (USA President) is to be thanked for this change because his campaign has exposed much of mainstream media’s agendas.

Political control

Zuma will try to control the public through the media. There is a stronghold in the media to influence the thinking of the people, especially through television. It’s a communistic approach of ‘you will do as I say; this is what you’re going to say, and this is what you’re going to put out there to influence the people.’ It will come to the point where people will be fired from their positions if they don’t want to submit.

We will not believe anything that we read in newspapers as it will be regarded as fake news. A new paper will be established by youngsters coming together to tell people the truth. It will be very controversial and they will encounter much opposition.

People will fast from media. They will switch off their television sets during the news and switch off their social media feeds. A vision was seen of newspapers lying on the side of the road and not being sold.

The media is entrenched in all areas of South African society. There is an unusual unity amongst the media people not found in other groups. They are hard at work to expose all the negativity and unrighteous and unjust treatment in housing, politics and business.

Exposures continuing

Compromising pictures of leaders will be splashed across the newspaper. There will be no slowing down of these exposures. The media are everywhere, looking at everything and they will find out what is going on in the background and what people are up to in secret.


The structure of Multi-Choice will change. Their packages will change because they’re losing viewership.


A strengthening of the SABC will take place, with a new board and a new CEO. The SABC will gain much credibility and rise out of its current situation.

Prayer for journalists

A gentleman journalist from amaBhungane media house will receive death threats because of the exposure of the Gupta corruption. Prayers for him are needed.

ANN7 and The New Age

The New Age newspaper and ANN7 have been used as propaganda machines for the government in an attempt to discredit criticism against the ANC and deceive the public. The time will come when ANN7 will be removed from the airwaves and they will withdraw from South Africa.

Digital Upgrade

The conversion from analogue to digital signals will progress rapidly in the next year because of leadership changes in the SABC and the communications industry. Business will recognise the potential of this switchover and realise that the first one to get its products onto the market will be successful. The competition will cause competitive pricing, which will bring great relief to the South African public and will cause an exponential growth in IT and telecommunications services, even in remote rural areas.