The words “atomic bombs” and “devastating earthquakes” were received. Disasters, war and violence will continue in this region. End-time prophecies concerning Israel will come into fulfilment. An earthquake will occur in the southern parts of the Middle East.

A vision was seen of the earth cracking open and, out of the crack, a fierce dragon appearing. The dragon moved towards Israel. Along the sides of the crack in the earth, flowers started to blossom: Despite the fear and the trauma created by this dragon, an unexpected blessing will come forth. The refugee problem will still continue.

Many will leave the area of the Middle East due to hardship and pain.


Greater pressure will be placed on this land, through foreign political influence by Arab countries (in league with certain western countries), to change their stance on many issues. The stubbornness of Israel will cause these attempts to backfire. Consequently the dishonesty of the Arab countries involved will be laid bare in the media. The threat of attacks from neighbouring powers will increase in the coming year.

Constant escalation and deflation of tension between Israel and Iran will continue. People are expecting a fall out to the one or the other side, but this will not happen in this coming year. At first it will seem as if this nation has gone into cardiac arrest but a steady heartbeat will emerge. A fresh new breeze will blow through Israel. They will be expanding their construction into new areas with new buildings and rebuilding of damaged structures.

A vision was seen of a person planting an Israeli flag while another person tries to remove it. This will be a continuing struggle. Political rivalry and disagreements, within the nation, will place stress on the political arena and build up to a specific point. Border policies will be simplified making it more convenient for people to enter and exit the country.


Rebuilding in the nation will occur. A vision was seen of a lot of construction taking place and buildings going up everywhere.


The strength and compassion of the Jordanian people is the glue that keeps the Middle East together. The government has attempted to stay neutral to ensure good relationships with other countries. Although the government is autocratic, women have been elevated in the nation. Many attempts have been made by outside nations to manipulate Jordan but they have stayed the course and remained neutral and compassionate.

Good decision-making has secured a strong economy even though searches for oil and gas within their nation have not been successful. Saudi Arabia Plots against leaders and a struggle for power is taking place in Saudi Arabia. Secret meetings are being conducted that will cause a strong leader to emerge from their ranks. The oil price will decrease and cause financial concerns in the nation. ISIS Many Arab countries will take a stand and fight against ISIS. The NATO alliance, the UK and US military will get more involved. Nations will be caught out funding ISIS in the hope of securing future resources. Terrorism will continue to plague the Middle East in the next year.