A nation settled

A settling is coming over the nation of Mozambique. The country has relied heavily on NGOs outside of Mozambique that had set up operations within the country to help feed people. This will change.

Farming revival

Farming activities will be revived, and food security will increase. God has seen the suffering of the many families who have lost homes, farms, and possessions through recent flooding. The sediment left on farmlands will cause the crops to grow inordinately large, which will bring food security.

A great shift will take place in the nation, which will bring improvement. The agricultural component is very large, and it is going to develop slowly but not dramatically.

Farms will be taken over, and new crops will be planted. A revival in farming will occur to the point where there will be too much produce, and they will need to export. The export seems to be maize.

Growth in agriculture and infrastructure will occur, which will create employment.

Hopelessness changing

The hopelessness that has hung over the nation for decades will start turning. There will be glimmers of hope for the people in Mozambique. At first, it will be just glimmers here and there, but later it will add to a complete change in the way the nation is run.

The people will turn to the Lord because they have nowhere else to turn. It is a turn of desperation, but it’s also a complete turn in hope. God will mature them far sooner than anyone expected.

A new alignment

The nation will contemplate their language preferences to align itself with the larger people groups around them.

The nation will start desiring trade. They will be one of the leaders in removing borders between themselves and the surrounding nations.

A strategic voice

God will raise a strategic, clever thinker. God will give this person a voice to bring sound strategy. He is not going to be a politician. This person will have the authority that will cause the people to want to make him president.

Renamo-held areas

There are Renamo-held areas that keep erupting into war. God will address these areas. The northern parts of Mozambique are suffering. The Lord says, “They have suffered enough. They have killed My missionaries (that we don’t even know about). They’ve destroyed families. They’ve destroyed homes. They’ve destroyed areas. And now I am going to deal with this spirit.”

Talk of war between Frelemo and Renamo will come to nothing.


A door has been closed to the church because of the Roman Catholic influence in the nation. But Heidi Baker and her missionary organisation will have more influence because of the miracles and signs and wonders that are taking place. There will be an open door for Christianity to influence the nation. Missionaries with long-term generational plans of reaching the nation will be surprised at the local saints’ maturity in just five years.

Growth and development

New buildings were seen on the coastline. New hotels and foreign investment will bring a big focus on tourism which will uplift the nation. Places that have been deserted before will be revived. People will rebuild and improve buildings that are currently standing empty.

New investments and developments will bring wealth back into the country. Change will occur and result in the country’s leaders becoming greedy. Pray that the Lord will send people who will stand with and influence the people in power to bring the Lord’s influence for the betterment of the people and the country.

Portugal and Mozambique

A connection in terms of a revival between Portugal and Mozambique was seen. A new trust relationship with the next leader of Mozambique will develop.

Portugal will become increasingly involved in the nation again. This connection will be beneficial to Mozambique and Europe. The Lord will use Mozambique to be a blessing to Europe and address many of the issues in agriculture and food shortages in other nations.

Growth in infrastructure

A vision was seen of a large increase in infrastructure, such as building new tar roads. A season of upgrading will take place around the harbours and ports. Many ships will lie in dock. The Lord is repositioning Mozambique to play a different role in the area of trade.

Maputo will receive much investment, and significant change will take place in the city.

Many new industries will be coming to Mozambique.

No longer despised

Mozambique has been despised for many years. God is repositioning Mozambique to be honoured.

An unseen move

There are many undercurrents in the nation. There has been a great move in the Spirit that has not been seen by man but has been done by God in the hearts of leaders and the hearts of the people. Many other movements are taking place, apart from the ministry of Heidi Baker. We will hear many testimonies of what God has been doing in the nation.


Some of the greatest alleviations of poverty stories that we will hear will come from Mozambique. Overnight, people who have lived in extreme poverty will live a better lifestyle and have access to better care and schools.

Smuggling route

A smuggling route in rhino horns through Mozambique into other countries will be exposed. The route will be closed.


Leaders in Mozambique are looking to other countries to improve their own agriculture. They will benchmark with other countries to improve their economy.

Rural vs urbanization

Unsafe rural areas will cause greater urbanisation. Opposition groups opposing government will have their strongholds in the rural areas.

Urban areas will develop with a completely different mindset and atmosphere from what is happening in rural areas. This development will cause a drastic change of thinking in most of the population and cause political change to take place in an accelerated measure amongst the people. Those with power in the rural areas will lose touch with the people’s mindsets and lose their influence.

Mining opportunities

Many more mining opportunities will open up in the country. Great wealth will be discovered in the land that will point to the vast potential of the country. International attention will be placed on the country because of these discoveries.