A vision was seen of a drought in Argentina causing pestilence and loss in the banana and pawpaw crops.


There will be many earthquakes around the world. A chain reaction will be caused: one earthquake will trigger the next earthquake. There will be earthquakes in regions of Africa where they are least expected. These earthquakes will not be intense, but it will be a precursor to bigger earthquakes that will come in later years. In the future tsunamis will cause great damage in major coastal African cities.

An earthquake will occur on the Californian coast that will cause tidal waves.


A lot of rain will occur in South America, causing villages to disappear under mudslides. The governments of these nations should prepare adequately for this.


A vision was seen of a meteorite heading for earth and bouncing from the atmosphere. The entire earth was white. The meteorite was supposed to hit earth but Gods hand of protection will prevent it.


Many pests and insect plagues will occur during the next year. Locusts plagues, hornets and wild bees attacking people will be in the news. Diseases associated with plagues and insects like malaria and bubonic fever will increase.


Tornados will occur in areas of Northern America that usually do not get tornados. There will be incessant rain in the northern parts of Europe (including Scotland).


During 2015 there will be an abnormal occurrence of high seas and possible tsunamis.