The Lord has hidden New Zealand from the eye of the world for a season. A lot of ministers and ministries are going to come out from New Zealand and impact the region. Their impact will be felt in the Philippines, and some of these smaller islands Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. There is going to be a major influence into those island nations with a lot of testimonies coming out. A lot of youth ministries and other ministries will flow out of that which will also influence other parts of the world.

Farming will continue to be very fruitful in this nation and exports to other nations will increase.

In New Zealand quite a big home schooling movement will come to the fore with new innovative ideas coming from there as well. New ways of teaching are being developed in primary schools specifically – from the basic levels up to children of the age of 13

A vision was seen of the island of New Zealand with cracks going through the island. This might signify that earthquakes will still continue to happen. People will settle within these shifts and changes and not be moved by fear anymore. This constant shaking is removing all fear. This moving and shaking will result in a great and enduring stability in the people and in the country