North America

A vision was seen of light houses popping up right across North America and the people rising up against the lies that the enemy has placed them under. There is a freedom of Christianity that is starting to move and an old value system that is being re-installed.

A vision was seen of North America standing vertically and the anointing oil dripping down from Canada down to America and I feel it is like a healing anointing and healing revival that is going deep and healing wounds that are not easy to heal like cancers and other diseases that resist. A very deep and solid healing anointing is going to flow freely.


In the foreseeable future the economy of North America will still be the biggest economy in the world. There will be much clambering for all kinds of other markets for the fear of this economy toppling, but that too will subside. People are going to concentrate more on what they have to fix at local levels. The entire economy is going to be very vibrant and retrace its confidence in the next year or two.