The general population is gravitating to the capital city, Pyongyang, looking for an exit strategy. People are overworked, oppressed, compliant and merely trying to survive. 2016 will see a failed rice crop which will cause a food shortage. It might be caused by severe weather conditions and flooding.

Military build-up

A military build up is occurring in North Korea, more than previously seen or heard. This is not done to ready for an attack, but to defend themselves from threats and to secure the country and prevent citizens from leaving. The media will show encounters of North Korean military commanders meeting with representatives of surrounding nations and shaking hands.  It will seem like the North Korean regime is negotiating peace, but the opposite will be true. The saying: “in the time of peace prepare for war”, holds true.

Keep praying

In time to come change will occur in the leadership of North Korea. New leaders will gradually emerge that will bring change in the land. There are many people praying for this nation, especially from within. The Lord is hearing their prayers and eventually the borders will come down. God is encouraging the Christians in North Korea to keep praying and interceding.

A vision was seen of a tsunami wave being held back on the southern border of North Korea. The attempt to hold it back will eventually fail and this tsunami will flood the whole of Korea from its southern border to the northern border and fill up the whole country.


A very cold winter is coming which will have devastating effects on the nation. Many people will freeze to death. This disaster will leave the government no choice but to request foreign aid. The call for aid will open the door for other nations to show grace to North Korea. The influx of assistance will have significant implications on the local population’s perceptions of the outside world and greatly affect their lives. Much prayer for the suffering of the people in this nation is needed.

Nuclear threats will escalate around North Korea. The nation has secretly continued developing nuclear weapons and it will be made known to the world.