For the north of Africa the words turmoil and more turmoil were heard, but there are also areas and spots of hope and peace. Turmoil in the northern parts of Africa will seem to be increasing. It looks like it is coming from the outside as well and not only from inside the countries themselves. The enemy’s plan is to flood the turmoil down into Africa, but it is going to be stopped. I see God sending down His angels into Africa.

A lot of people will be moving; a lot of displacement of people will happen in this African region crossing back and forth across borders. Draught in the northern African nation will become extreme this year and I feel that a lot of food aid is going to be necessary.

A lying spirit

Towards the nations north of the Equator there is a lying spirit that has been let loose and has been there for years. It is seen as clever to lie and scheme and deceive people for monetary gain. The Lord is addressing this and people are looking at themselves and are having guilty feelings about lying. They have seen that the fruit of their lies has not been good and now there is a new move to be truthful and face the consequences of the truth. They always thought the truth would cause them problems and would not give them what they wanted. The lies never got them what they wanted for in any case and the Lord is addressing that lying spirit in the people.