Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church will become weaker and lose members. The introduction of new policies and a new direction by the Pope will cause a split. The church will suppress information about the dwindling membership. The loss in their power base will motivate the Roman Catholic leaders to join with other religious groups to strengthen their voice, especially within the political realm.

Papal agenda

The Pope has a significant role. He is moving very quickly with his agenda in bringing the three religious groups (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) together for the future of the EU. Agreements are being reached, and the whole dynamic nature and culture of the EU are changing. This will greatly influence other nations and continents as it begins to emerge and make its mark in terms of the New World Order developing.

Threat to Israel

Muslims, Roman Catholics and Christians will be coming together to ally — this coming together will have a negative impact that will cause a crisis between Israel and the EU because this alliance will become a threat to Israel. Turkey, specifically Erdogan, will have the Pope’s ear. Erdogan has a major role in the EU’s future and its dynamic in terms of a one-world order and one rule government.


Much more poverty will be seen in the EU. With the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer, there is great economic disparity.


In certain parts, there will be reconciliation. Countries with a history that goes back hundreds of years will consider the past and what took place between them. Countries like Greece and Turkey, where there has always been discord, will agree and reconciliation will occur.


The immigration crisis will come to an end. Many refugees that are currently in Europe will start going back home. The church has been reaching out to those displaced as the Lord placed them in their care for a season. They will take the things that were imparted to them back to their home nations, and these people will have influence and an impact in the nations where they settle.

Russia and the EU

A vision was seen of a boiling pot in the north-eastern side of Europe falling over and tipping into the EU. A fear of conflict and military action from Russia will have a major impact on the whole EU in the coming year. Many fortifications are being built, and armoured equipment will be moving through the EU nations.

UAE and the EU

There will be a break-up between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the EU regarding policies. There is conflict between the EU and the UAE that will cause a problem with global oil and fuel prices.

The USA and the EU

Member nations of the EU will develop stronger relationships with President Donald Trump and the USA, apart from the EU’s official position. A trade war between the EU and the USA will cause some nations to use this disagreement to find more autonomy in economic policy apart from EU policy. Threats will come from the EU leadership to enforce sanctions on some of these member states for not following official policy.


In France, President Macron will gather many heads of state. It will be a gathering of many nations of which France will be the nucleus. The invitation will come from him in bringing these countries together. Because of events like this, there will be attacks on Paris and other parts of France. Gunfights in the streets will necessitate a heightened police presence and force people to take cover. The government will need to step up the security in France generally. There is a strong call for intercessors to pray for France. There is a focus on ‘love your neighbour’, and the nations around France will assist France to clean up and help France get rid of the evil element from within.


Germany will come under pressure from other EU member states, as many will look to Germany with unrealistic expectations to solve problems in the EU. Much prayer for Germany will be required in 2019. They will need strong innovative leaders and wisdom to cope with all the challenges the EU will face and the various accusations that will be thrown at them.


The word ‘discoveries’ was heard over Germany. There will be major medical breakthroughs. Germany will take the place of prominence in the world in terms of discoveries.

Germany’s leadership role

Germany is a leading nation. The Hitler era was an attempt at perverting this call. The Lord wants to remind the German people about taking up this leadership again by leading in a servant role. They are double-minded about this due to their history, and they, therefore, shirk their responsibility in leading. The German people are great problem-solvers, and this skill is sorely needed in the nations surrounding them. However, they are holding back on their innovations because of their caution as being seen to impose themselves on those nations.

They have many solutions to almost all existing regional problems. It is time for them to let go of the past and take up their role. This will cause other nations to benefit from their productive solutions. They are not just called to a regional stage but an international one. Inequality Addressed Germany will be reconsidering laws regarding rape, murders and crime. These laws must be revisited for certain race groups; there is an inequality between sentencing people. One person will receive 10 years for rape while another gets 1 year. Equal judgement will be handed down.

Refugee Clean-up A mop was seen cleaning over the nation, specifically in the south-western side of Germany. There is an outcry coming from these people against the immigration policies, and a cleanup of the nation will happen. Where there was an embracing attitude towards immigrants in the past, this is going to change quickly. The people are reaching a boiling point; they can’t bear the effects of the old immigration policies anymore, which will force the nation to act.


A strong nationalist move from Greece will cause discord in the EU. A crisis in economic policies in Greece and economic agreements that had been made will become a driving factor in this move. This movement will force the politicians in Greece to renegotiate deals made before causing discord within the Union itself.


The strength of the public will increase. Many protests will be seen against the leadership of the nation and corruption in government. The democratic power of the people will be shown and bring change. This will become an inspiration to other nations to use democratic forms of pressure to influence change in governments.