Russia has made many enemies in the world and seems not to care. The country is misunderstood. The media has an agenda with Russia and often newsworthy items are fabricated. The Lord is very busy with the leadership in this nation. They do not want to flaunt their military power as they are aware of their image as a warring nation. They want to leave a legacy of life. The population of Russia is much more positive and supportive towards their leaders and the decisions they make than the international community recognises. The Russian’s mindset differs completely from that of western nations. Because of this, the population is critical towards the demands and threats made against them by the governments of the West. Russia has many allies, some more surprising than others.

Two separate groupings will start to take shape in the international community: those who are against Russia, and those whom will associate themselves with Russia. The BRICS grouping will play a prominent role in this.

Church in Russia

Decades of underground work by Christian missionaries is now starting to bear fruit in the nation. The decades of Christian persecution are bringing forth torrents of life to the general populace which, in time, will transform the society. This is a slow and laborious process due to the broken trust within the nation. The nation’s foundations have to be recast and built from the bottom up. Russians will make use of protest theatre on the streets to comment on the condition of their society. These theatre pieces will even be performed in churches. This will break the silence over people, instilled in the populace since the communist era.

Many Russians will leave the traditional and Orthodox churches in search for something new. The harvest field in Russia is ready. Those in top levels of government are characterised by aggression and harshness. But the average Russian has a sincerity that the Lord will use for the moving of His Spirit. Believers are genuine and sincere in their service to the Lord, following Jesus and touching the heart of their nation. People are prophesying, speaking in tongues and embracing God in true worship. Throughout insignificant rural areas and small gatherings God will move in the hearts of people and transform them. Worship in local churches will become prevalent with spontaneous songs and new songs that will birth new music.

God will send many leaders from across the globe into Russia to assist and strengthen the local church. Prayer meetings and prophetic and church conferences will multiply across Russia. The church in Russia will see big open-air crusades by unknown evangelists of up to 50 000 people. It will start a move in Russia that no-one will be able to control.

Abuse broken

Women have been abused and misused in Russia for a long time. An incident will occur where two men who abused a women, will be set alight. This will cause the Russian communities’ eyes to open and realise their mistreatment of women over the years. RUSSIA