A new move

There has been a slowing down and stagnation in the Pentecostal Church. For many years there has been no progress. The leaders are coming together at an annual forum with their agenda. They will put this agenda aside and wait on the Holy Spirit to reveal the next phase of the Pentecostal churches’ plan. Revival will visit the hearts of the leaders. Many traditions they developed and held dear will be addressed and removed. The people in the pews will be shaken by the new things that are going to be implemented and by revival coming into the churches. Many of the Pentecostal leaders are so set in their ways and unable to break out of the mould they created for themselves. They are too conscious of what the people will say about them to allow themselves to grab hold of the new. Those that don’t embrace the changes will have empty churches.

Closed circle

The Pentecostal groups have tried to close the circle and lock it so that no one else can get in. This is a futile exercise as the Lord will keep breaking those doors down. He will keep sending people deemed unnecessary to disturb them and prohibit them from forming a closed group.

God’s discipline

The Lord is disciplining the Pentecostal church saying: “I have called you to make disciples and not cage people in”. Instead of disciplining them, the church has held on to people. In this next season, there will be a whole strong focus from God for a disciplining process in Pentecostal churches. Where leaders have held onto a shepherding function instead of a disciplining function, and the Lord said is calling leaders back to disciple their people. Many Pentecostal churches will run empty; people will join other Pentecostal churches because of their focus on shepherding people instead of disciplining them. Unless there is a clear strategic move of disciplining these churches will lose purpose and the people will move away.

The plan

The plans of the Pentecostal churches’ counsels will be shaken during the next move. These churches have followed their own rigid set of rules for a long time. But God is saying: “No more! These are not My plans and not My commandments.” The slate is clean; all own agendas will be removed.

A constitutional change will take place in many Pentecostal denominations; for some, it is only a partial constitutional change but will transform their church environment.

A prominent Pentecostal leader

God will increasingly use people like Dr Izak Burger and other prominent Pentecostal leaders in a public capacity to speak against atrocities and corruption on the government level. He will be a regular feature in the media.