Fuel, gas or oil, will be found off the coast in the deep sea. In fact they have already discovered it but they have not released the news. They are very excited about this discovery. When they start building their oil rigs, they will announce the find. They do not want people to descend on Portugal and try to hijack what they’ve got. They have already discovered it but it is a secret that will be revealed in the next year, 2014.

The Lord is bringing an awakening in Portugal, a pioneering and discovering spirit that they had long ago. Together with the establishing of smaller businesses and enterprises throughout the nation it will become a springboard to go to different places and establishing themselves. God is rising up a foundation from which they can work.

A reawakening of Catholic churches and also of evangelical churches will start in the next year. More and more the evangelical churches and the Catholic churches will start moving towards one another. God wants to move Portugal into a unique direction that will be different from its neighbouring countries. In the past Portugal was seen as the last of the European countries and it was not bringing something new to the table. This is going to change, God is calling the pioneering spirit back to the nation of Portugal and this will happen in conjunction with the spiritual awakening. God will increase the call for His servants to minister in Portugal.