There will be an issue regarding land, and the other SADEC nations addressing this issue on land.

Zambia is a very fruitful nation. It has many networks, a strong infrastructure, and good buildings. A lot more tourism and businesses will be moving into this country, bringing in a lot of growth and progress. Many people will be travelling to Zambia to hunt game.

A younger leader is coming into power in Zambia.

There is potential and promises for growth and stability in Zambia in the future, but the promises of those in power will not be met in the next two years. Gradually there will be more transparency in the government, and leaders will be held accountable. This transparency will cause positive activities to start happening, and promises, though delayed, will be fulfilled. Diversity in the economy will be seen. Agriculture will get a lot of attention, and a lot of investment will take place in agriculture. In a short space of time, Zambia will become known for its agricultural exports. There will be a lot of media attention regarding freedom of speech and media freedom in Zambia, which will bring lots of conflicts and some international attention. Public gatherings discussing whether the media is free enough speaking their mind speak; will put lots of pressure on the government to change policies regarding that.