Lesotho prayer pointers

  • There is a call for the intercessors in Lesotho to go up the mountains and intercede for the nation of Lesotho. The spiritual high places of old need to be taken down and be replaced with the Lord’s grace to become the nation described in Mal. 3:12.
  • Some ministers need to get their lives in order; God is calling them closer to Him. Pray that they will heed Gods call.
  • Pray that the nation will not choose to continue in idolatry and, in so doing, prevent calamities from coming to the nation. Diseases never seen before in Lesotho will become evident among those who choose to walk and stay in darkness.
  • Pray that the church will come together and earnestly pray for the leaders of the nation. Competition between churches must stop, and they must unite because the church will play a vital role in the good future God has planned for Lesotho.