• A very difficult time lies ahead for the city of Pretoria and prayer is necessary for the people and city of Pretoria. This crisis will escalate in the streets because there will be discord between factions.
  • There is a call to prayer for the hidden remnant working within the South African government. They have been working faithfully behind the scenes for the benefit of the country.
  • Within this transition that will take place in South Africa, prayer is needed for the military generals. Zuma will try to hold on to power through military strength. Pray for the generals in the army and in the air force; the military will be involved in many of the actions in the time to come. Pray for the military leaders to have God’s wisdom and not be swept away by emotions.
  • A gentleman journalist from amaBhungane media house will receive death threats because of the exposure of the Gupta corruption. Prayers for him are needed.