Prayers for Russia

  • The church must fervently pray for missionaries as they will face much persecution, and the consequences of sharing the faith will be fatal. By doing this, the Russian government is trying to nullify any hope that God brings to the people through the missionaries.
  • Much intercession is needed for Russia. It seems as if there is a plan to start World War III. People need to intercede for that because many people still need to be saved in Russia.
  • Intercession is needed concerning Russia who will slowly move into Europe from the east, starting from the Baltics.
  • Pray that the Lord will release a wave flowing over Russia from west to east which will change the morality by challenging their default mindset, bringing new possibilities. Pray that the nations will step up in sending missionaries into Russia.
  • Pray concerning a vision of a big fist slamming down in Russia. The government is trying to control everybody’s voice in Russia. People are being killed for what they are saying. Journalists will be imprisoned and shot for speaking against the government.
  • Pray for Vladimir Putin. He has this vision of world domination on one side and on the other side, the influence of a paternal grandmother who has prayed for this generation for many years. The result of this is that the Lord is working in his personal life, and he has doubts about pushing through certain portions of this world domination vision. His grandmother prophetically prayed for his leadership role and that the Spirit of God would lead him. Pray that his grandmothers’ prayers will be answered and that Gods will be done through his life.
  • Pray that Putin will be sensitive to hear God speak to him through natural occurrences such as weather patterns and storms. Pray that God will answer the question inside himself: ‘What if God is really real?’
  • Pray about Russia’s involvement in the Israel Palestinian conflict.
  • Pray concerning renewed relations between Russia and Israel that will take place in secret.
  • Pray for the Christians in Russia. A vision was seen of the bear of the north coming into the whole of Russia and crushing any religious spirit and any kind of born-again experience. The church is being forced underground because of persecution. There are certain religious groups the government seems to like and accommodate, but they dislike other more radical groups who do healings and prophecy.