Kenya prayer pointers

  • Pray for the Kenyan government to beef up security on their northern border because this is a breeding ground for terrorist training camps.
  • Pray that political leaders that have been negatively influenced to support these terrorist cells will be exposed.
  • Pray regarding possible skirmishes and fighting that will occur that will cause fear among the people. Pray for Kenya’s food security because of these threats.
  • Pray against an increase of terrorist activity in Kenya and terrorist groups like Boko Haram trying to take over certain regions and areas. Pray that nations like the USA, UK and Ethiopia will take hands with Kenya in seeking solutions for violence and terrorism.
  • Pray that missions, missionaries and ministries will concentrate on this nation again.
  • Pray that people in these volatile regions will become sensitive to the supernatural prompting of the Lord to protect them. Pray that the Lord will reveal hidden terrorist cells to people in these areas, and this will reach the ears of those who can do something about it. Pray that they will receive wisdom and a plan from God to destroy these cells and eliminate many weapons.
  • Greater conflict between Muslims and Christians will occur, and much prayer for missionaries will be required as they go to evangelise certain areas.
  • Pray for Kenya regarding major water problems. Pray against an outbreak of cholera.