• The church has been called at this time to stand in prayer like never before for the nation of Lesotho, specifically for the government. The enemy wants to destroy, but the Lord wants to empower so the nation can work together and move forward.
  • Strange and even dangerous weather patterns will manifest in Swaziland. The shield of God will be over the nation, and through prayer, the nation will be protected.
  • A terrorist attack is pending in the capital city of Tanzania that will shock the nation. A vision of a big bomb exploding and buildings collapsing was seen. Intercession is necessary; seek God to prevent this attack from taking place.
  • A vision was seen of wind blowing and buildings being damaged in the Réunion Islands. Pray about this.
  • A new political group will be formed in Botswana. There is a call to prayer regarding this situation.
  • Volcano activity in Italy was seen.