A vision was seen of parliamentarians shaking their heads about the Cape issues; they don’t know what to do about the drug issues. They bring the army in one area, and they quieten it there, but the drug lords move to another area. The issues there are coming from the sea. The ports are one of the entry points for the drugs causing the problems in the Cape, and more harbour points should be patrolled more earnestly.

Free State

A new premier will be elected for the Free State.  Illegal issues will be uncovered and settled and will bring peace; the people will be content. The financial books will balance.

Social services will have a big shakeup. Bloemfontein is being singled out for a complete reshuffle of the whole department, with new social workers and new systems.

KwaZulu-Natal riots

Riots in KwaZulu-Natal will occur as a revolt against certain people entering government. It will be an ethnic uprising but will be quickly dealt with. There are leaders in KwaZulu-Natal with clear, strong voices that will speak over their communities and bring calm. They will not allow the riots to take on the proportions they have in the previous years, stirred up in the communities through false rumours and false stories. People are becoming angry because they feel they have been forgotten; they don’t have the roads, airports, schools or dams they want.  Many requests from KwaZulu-Natal are not being met. People are feeling neglected and are being stirred up.

North West

Violent protest actions in the North West province will be ongoing as the government does not address communities’ dissatisfaction with service delivery issues.  The vision of the premier of the province will be realised within the five years of his premiership.  The turn- around strategy will be visible by the end of the term of the premier.  Peace and satisfaction from rural areas will become evident, and there will be great stability in these areas.  Local governments will serve their communities, and the communities will be satisfied with the service delivery.

There is an element of witchcraft in Rustenburg. A woman that is based in Rustenburg has ties in government. God will cause the person who is opening the door for her into parliament to be removed. This will bring a great breakthrough in government and the political sphere of our nation.

Human rights commission

In 2020 there will be a greater focus on the work of the Human Rights Commission as one of the Chapter 9 institutions and the Equality Court.  Their voices will be heard more and more.  They will bring a balanced view of issues that easily divide South Africans.


There is a great need to pray for the IEC leadership to change because of the corruption that took place in the last election.

Independent candidates

The Constitutional Court will rule in favour of independent candidates, and this will change the whole political scene.

Illegal practices

The government and some banks are in corruption together, which causes ungodly control over money, leading to money not reaching the beneficiaries it was intended to reach. Some overseas companies will discover these plots and withdraw their investments.


There are Josephs that God is calling into government, and some of these people will cross President Ramaphosa’s path; he will notice them. These Josephs will come from different communities and political parties. God is placing Josephs all over South Africa to make a difference as he has a Joseph-plan for the country. The Josephs will be placed at different governmental levels, forming a hidden structure the extent of which will only be known by God Himself. New people will serve with those that had served before. Those that served previously will be able to counsel those around them.  God has placed this Joseph anointing on South Africa through using individuals that He can trust. They won’t necessarily know of each other. God is doing the work to impart a new value system into the government.

New leaders emerging

There is a very young and dynamic person, a political leader in the ANC, who is being groomed to take over leadership in about ten years and will walk in the footprints of the greats. He will start featuring in 2020. He is a people’s person, and as he speaks, people from all cultures will stop and listen. He was born in South Africa and has a heart and passion for the people and our nation’s many cultures. He will be our number one person when he comes to power.

Party politics

The emphasis that was on party politics in the past will change. Many value-based politicians and parliamentarians that have a heart for the country will rise. A great change will come to political parties and the division between all these parties. There will be much floor crossing. Relationships will be formed between these parties, and a new sound will come from our parliament.

Party splintering

There will be a split in a top stable party where a split will be necessary to bring change. It could be the ANC, but it may even be the DA. The split is vital to allow a breath of fresh air that is currently being suppressed. When this break-away happens, there will be new life in the party and over our nation.

Political landscape

2020 will be a year of great shaking within South African politics. Party leaders will be in the spotlight more than ever before. Great changes within leadership structures will take place within the prominent three political parties. Many faces from the past will be seen again. Many new faces will also be seen in parliament as many parties will address and deal with exposed areas of wrongdoing.

Much of what was prophesied over the last three years in South African politics will come to its fulfilment in 2020, with major leaders creating and stepping into new parties; coalitions never thought possible will stun people.  The political sphere will have muddy waters, and it won’t be easy to navigate and make decisions in this environment, but it will still be possible.

A drive in 2020 with special gatherings to address the needs and challenges that communities face will be fruitful. Communities are every frustrated with the lack of the fulfilment of promises, but the government is encouraged not to give up as these meetings will bear fruit in the communities.

The political landscape is in a slow transitional period. People should not lose heart during this process. Some policies will be difficult to pass, especially those that are aimed at boosting the economy. A real struggle between socialistic and capitalistic views will occur, but a balance will need to be struck between them, and this will need to happen quickly so that the leaders can make changes to stimulate the economy. Pray for protection for high-profile ministers such as Mr Mboweni, Mr Gordhan, the president and those aligned to him.  There will be attempts at character assassination through the media, bringing false accusations against them with stories that are not true. For 2020, job creation will be the buzz word for government, and they have already put things into place, but the targets they have set are not realistic.

President Ramaphosa

President Ramaphosa’s position will be challenged at the next electoral conference; a great shaking was seen coming there. The Traditional Leaders Bill will also be amended, and this will bring an uprising from these traditional leaders because of the threat of them losing their position. The land question will be raised again, and instead of violence erupting, there will be amicable solutions and agreements. A major split will occur in a party, and a fourth political party will come out of this. This a fourth party will rise very quickly, and we will be amazed to see who joins that party, who becomes the leader of the party and the way it will push South Africa forward into a new era of politics.

Until now, President Ramaphosa has had people around him that steered him in different directions; the word “shatter” was heard, and he is reaching a point of saying “no more!” He needs people who will guide him in a specific direction. He needs to streamline those that speak into his life. He was seen partnering more with men of God who will speak into his life and seeking them out more often.

The president will be seen taking an extreme stance against leaders who have been accumulating ill-gotten gain.

A vision was seen of President Ramaphosa’s face becoming very stern.  He will address the raging division and corruption within his own party, the government and the nation in a solemn tone. His stance will make many uncomfortable within his own ranks.  They will be leaving in droves with many excuses, but the fact will be that they fear exposure.

The president stands throughout the last two years of his tenure and will be justified by the fruit in 2020.


The Lord is drawing on the country’s security cluster and making it more prevalent and understandable why they are called the security cluster. For a season, there needs to be a pulling together of these departments with a more cohesive way of addressing crime and current upheavals in the different provinces.

There needs to be a stringent collaboration between Home Affairs, DIRCO and the State Security Agency. The intelligence that comes from the State Security Agency needs to be implemented within the Home Affairs and DIRCO departments. Crime intelligence within SAPS and SANDF will have a stronger collaboration on dealing with drugs and xenophobia.

Steadying the ship

Politics and government work hand in hand because political parties are ruling the country for now. Government is trying to steady the ship, keeping a low profile and saying very positive things. They are quiet about issues that need to be addressed.

When there is trouble anywhere, government officials go to the hotspot and make promises to investigate it. They are trying to keep things quiet and balance things. Behind the scenes, they are having many meetings and discussions on how to progress. Many debates and ideas are being thrown around, but there are no decisions on what to implement. Plans are in the infancy stage. Many routes taken before have been terminated and now looked on differently.  No drastic changes will be made.


Political ‘fires’ will still occur across South Africa, and unions will make trouble. The government must put contingency plans into place. These actions will not stop immediately, but they will also not cause harm as intended.  It must be handled by the government and not feared.

More people need to be employed by the police force and SANDF in general. The government must look at their salaries. Because of low salaries, people do not wish to work there anymore. Salaries in the defence force and education need to be increased.

Worsening in politics

The political situation in the nation will become worse before it gets better.  More finances will be poured into the NPA, and the processing of cases will speed up. A very strong second tier of judges will rise that have been trained and have really been directed for this season; much more will be heard from these judges. They are going to become household names.


About xenophobia and the borders – it is in God’s will that people from other nations should be able to come into South Africa. It is part of God’s plan, so we must go with it.