Three warnings

  • A hot and cold sea stream will negatively impact the fish industry.
  • Many veld or bushfires were seen in KwaZulu-Natal, and farmers need to be diligent with maintaining fire breaks.
  • An illness will break out among pigs.

2020 is a season of trust. There is a promise that where two farms are next to each other, one farm will prosper and the other will not. Where there are trust and faith in God, He will make farms prosper. That is a promise for farmers for 2020.

Weather conditions

Adverse weather conditions will be experienced, especially in the Cape, and farmers will have to protect their crops from these high winds and hail.

Unfortunately, some areas will experience low rainfall, and some farmers will go through difficult times. Some farms will need to be consolidated; some farms will have to become smaller, and farming communities need to come together and pray and support one another, especially for smaller farms as they will become unsustainable.