We have left 2020 behind with very few regrets. In the midst of this unusual and strange time for everyone, the prophets have endeavoured to hear God clearly for a prophetic word for 2021. We were warned in our “God Said 2020″ publication of all the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fallout that would occur worldwide. The Holy Spirit gave us many “spiritual hints”. As we were looking and listening carefully, we were prepared for many unusual happenings.

I will open my mouth with a parable; I will utter hidden things, things from of old—Psalm 78: 2

The Holy Spirit spoke through the prophets in dark speech (Psalm 78: 2), with prophetic words hidden within the speech. Many prophetic words from previous publications are still coming to pass; therefore, we post words on our website to keep the prophecies alive and circulated. God may speak in one year and bring the word to pass in another.

Expanding the prophetic in 2021

In our search for God and His prophetic word for 2021, we have entered a new and very peculiar period for the prophets. We met virtually through Zoom calls and small groups. Through all this, we sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit. Connecting via Zoom enabled us to bring international prophets into our group to prophesy over their resident nations.

This has been an expansion of the vision for the Prophets Round Table. Many local prophets have travelled around the world and found true, accurate prophets in the countries they travelled to. These prophets have a heart for their own nations, and we have included their words in this publication for 2021.

Please read the international words with the knowledge that prophets in those nations prophesied their passion and love for their own home base. They know and understand their own challenges and have prophesied so beautifully to bring change and speak God’s word into the future.

PRT Team September 2020