American Church

The American church is not very popular in other nations; the way America does church is not how the rest of the world does it. They appear very light-hearted and frivolous to everyone else and the rest of the world, but they are actually earnest about God. So, we must not look at what we see; we must look at the American people’s heart towards God.  For many years, they have been the champion evangelists.

God is raising another nation to be a missionary nation; it was Britain, then America, and now it will be another country. It seems as if a country wears itself out, sending people to other nations, and then God must raise a new nation full of fresh zeal and excitement to do the mission work. The next nation could be Eastern people doing mission work and ministering to the lost nations.

The church in America is almost a big brother; it has roots that go down deep and has influenced how many others do church. God honours the steadfastness and ability to reach out to other nations. A new legacy will be established as God wants to use the church in America in a new way.

It was in God’s heart for the American church to leave a legacy; this legacy will continue for many years to come. Many older church leaders were faithful to God’s Word and been obedient to what God told them to do. Their legacy will continue for generations to come.

The church is standing up for Kingdom values and bringing the Kingdom voice and balance back in government. The ties between America and Israel will continue to strengthen and bring great favour financially to the USA; good fruit will come from that connection and understanding and unity.

A traditional leader with a TV ministry will be involved in a scandal that will be exposed. This will have a major impact on that church group.

A new start

The Lord says he has a new start in the church in America, raising a new and younger generation with a new heritage. There will be no carrying over from the previous generation. He is starting a completely new thing from the ground up that will carry on for a few years.


Bethel Church in Redding California will have a time of multiplication and a season of growth in 2020 where they will need to expand. The seams of a garment were seen being pulled apart as they outgrow the area that they are in. Even though they come from a small city, they will expand and grow to reach more nations. Nations that were previously closed to them will open their doors to them. Their people will go on outreaches and raise the next generation in other nations. Their voice has started small but will grow exponentially in 2020.

Focused on the USA

The church will become very active in working with the government and working with leaders and leaders of states to help pass new laws and policies. The church’s focus will move away from sending people out as they will be focused on America. Just as President Trump is very focused on America, the church will be more focused on their communities, taking a stronger stance against school shootings and violence against women and children.

Literacy program

A church in New York will develop a literacy program that will be launched in the poorest of poor communities where there is much trouble with gangs and crime.  This program will make a huge difference in children’s lives, and it will be so successful that government will copy this program for their school system.

Building regulations

A big fire in a large shopping centre will burn most of the building to the ground. This will cause them to re-examine their fire controls, which have become a bit lax.  New, stricter fire laws for shopping centres will be legislated. They will squash out bribery for those who try to obtain fire certificates in this way.

Change is coming in the way buildings are being built. A tall building has not been built yet; the infrastructure and the bricks are not there, only the twenty- or thirty-storey frame. This whole frame will collapse. This collapse will bring about changes in building practices. Building cheaper and cutting costs and time will be secondary to safety.   Building regulations will be revisited and corrected.  This will happen in the west of America, specifically in California, where these laws are loose; the laws were tightened a few years ago, but they need to be tightened once more.


In terms of the trade war, Trump’s views concerning China will remain the same regarding the trade restrictions, resulting in a continuous battle in 2020.


The economy in America is strong, and the business people are pleased.  Rumours of a recession in America will continue. Although there won’t be great growth, there will be consistency in the economy, and America will overcome all the challenges they face in 2020. In terms of employment, America will post good news with unemployment; their figures are improving, which will positively affect the economy during the latter part of 2020.


Ford has developed a car using a new type of energy.  This car will compete with other cars in relation to performance, but it will be much cheaper.  It will come on the market within two years; it will take the market by storm, and everyone’s eyes will be on Ford.

Gun control

School shootings have made people very aware of guns and gun control. Previously, everyone thought they should have a gun, but now school shootings have made people aware of weapons.  Many Americans have discarded their weapons. They have been buried in the ground and thrown into dams and wells. They don’t want them in their houses or on their farms anymore.

More attention will be given to children’s safety in schools, with new laws and policies being put into place.

Health issue

A health issue will start small, like a virus that doesn’t seem to go anywhere but requires an expedient response because it will escalate into a big issue if not attended to.


Hollywood will produce more positive programming.  Much of it will focus on the development of local talent.

Leadership vacuum

Although there are leaders, it seems there is currently a vacuum. This is because the Lord is starting to do something new with the new generation. He is starting with the little ones because He is going to leave a new legacy. There is a focus on God’s heart for the little ones from toddlers up to ten years of age. God wants to teach them and have them flow in the Spirit. The focus is on those little ones now and not leaving a legacy right now because the (first) legacy is already there.

New air traffic systems

A vision was seen of many aeroplanes in the air and a new system being developed to navigate flights at all the airports. The new system will be birthed out of a season where a near-miss collision and security will be jacked up again. It won’t be a repeat of 9/11; this is a different threat on a different level. The Americans are wise and prudent, and they will come up with a new concept to enhance airport navigation.

Pharmaceutical scandal

A huge scandal will be revealed in giant pharmaceutical companies.  It seems they are fiddling with the information on the packaging or the information slips.  The scandal will lead to the closing down of one of these giant companies, and many retrenchments will result from that.

Politics and President Donald Trump

Controversy in politics will occur with everyone either for or against Trump; there is no middle way in 2020. Controversial legislation will be passed with a season of total change for America. An attack on Mr Trump’s life was seen later during his term, but it will not be successful. He has excellent security around him.

An assassination against him is being planned; international leaders came together with plans against him, planning to take his life. It is believed that many of these plans are already in place, but the warning is for the seventh year. He will especially need to sharpen the security around him at that time. In particular, a man from New Orleans that is opposed to President Trump will try to assassinate him. His re-election has something to do with successful campaigning against Brazil and the war on drugs.

Donald Trump will be re-elected for a second term. The third year of his second term (the seventh year that he will be president) will be very difficult – a year of turmoil.

The American people really love their president and are happy with most of the results he has achieved. Even though the media presents a different picture, President Trump will remain president and stand for a second term.

Schemes exposed

The Lord will expose a group of people in a room together, sending out emails and fooling people; they are tricksters, liars, and charlatans trying to make a living from others’ misfortune. Government law will be passed to stop this practice. The responsible people will be jailed, and some of them will be deported back to their countries.  The group is made up of people from different nations.


There will be transportation issues, specifically with train or rail transport (a malfunction in the gridlines). Servicing that should have been carried out in a particular way was skipped.  There was incomplete work done; the trains cannot run on time, and people cannot get anywhere. It will put a whole working week at a standstill until everything is put back together.

USA and Israel

There will be problems in the Middle East, and Trump and his alliance with Israel will bring tremendous fluctuation in the oil price. Conflict will persist in the Middle East with Iran, and America will be very involved in it.