Botswana is a model of African development. The people and government are very close together. It is a far richer nation than anyone anticipates – an oasis in the desert. It is a very important platform for southern African development and for launching into other southern African nations. A vision was seen of the Lord as the Lion of Judah that has stepped into this nation and make it flourish.

Previously, the nation did everything in their own strength, but God will change that. He has placed Botswana strategically so they can help the nations around them.

Botswana banks

Illegal trading will expose Botswana banks. They will stop this by implementing new policies. Business people from other nations in southern Africa are hiding their money in the countries’ banks.


A vision was seen of high rise buildings going up signifying growth in the country and increased investments and business ventures.

A car building factory will be put up in Botswana. Heads of German companies are deliberating the advantages of constructing a factory in Botswana. This new factory will not be located in a big city. The Botswana economy will be diversifying to more than just diamonds and mining in order to employ the population and thus alleviate poverty and decrease state dependence. Investment in the country will be simplified. A diverse range of factories will arise; from car factories, bottling plants and boxing factories etc.

Mining and power generation will increase. Infrastructure will develop much faster in Botswana than the countries around them. Green energy projects like wind power will be expanded. A vision of wind turbines covering the landscape was seen.


Developments in media and telecommunications will take place in Botswana. There will be great investments in cell phone technologies developing new services in the industry.

A tertiary hub

Intellectuals and well-educated individuals will emerge in Botswana. The Lord is setting Botswana as a new tertiary educational hub in southern Africa. Economic development will continue.