A vision was seen of Burkina Faso as a diamond, and there is a special light over the country. God’s cross was seen over it signifying a strong base in Christianity in the country. Not a lot of attention is given to this nation as God has hidden it for a special purpose.

Although Burkina Faso has not been in the spotlight because of the Ebola outbreak, its proximity to the outbreak will cause more international attention on this nation, and bring more foreign help to Burkina Faso. Pressure will be placed on the government to change its ways. God is calling in new stability and responsible governance into Burkina Faso. Rural development will increase because of outside help, especially in agriculture and farming.

Education and health will also receive a lot more aid. People’s hearts are being prepared to receive outside help, not to depend on it but to use it to position themselves to develop themselves in years to come. Burkina Faso’s people will become an example to other African countries on how to empower your people and how to make use of foreign countries and foreign aid to start up a new economic self-growth and development.

A haven

Burkina Faso is in a region surrounded by nations with a spirit of ethnic violence, and the Lord has called them to be a haven for those in need. The Lord wants to give this little nation a strategy to dismantle the power of the warring spirit in that region, as it has to be addressed by the people who live under the oppression.

Economic vision

Though Burkina Faso has the lowest literacy rate globally, there will be major technological advancements in the coming years. Companies from eastern island nations (perhaps Malaysia or Philippines) will build a technology factory that will manufacture cell phones or iPads. Burkina Faso will export this product to the other African nations. The learned people of Burkina Faso people have received their education in foreign nations. They love their country, and they will use what they have learned in their own homeland.

Prayer movement

There seems to be a large Christian women prayer movement in Burkina Faso. Congregating in these prayer groups has been restricted to a maximum of groups of five. They don’t want to draw attention to themselves. The woman is praying for their families and their nation. Because of their prayers, the Lord is sending angels to bring a new level of prosperity to Burkina Faso’s people. Surrounding nations will want to learn from them.

A hidden leader

It seems to the people of this country that they do not have a choice with regard to leadership. But there is a hidden leader that God has been preparing. When the leader comes into power, many changes will take place in government. This new leader might not come into power in the upcoming elections but the next.