The Lord is saying “Germany, you have been forgiven; you may regain your status as a forward-thinking nation. You must get on track and forget the past and move forward.”


Germany seemed to be  ‘God-less’. In God’s eyes, Germany is now ‘God-more’. More and more Christians are going to return to God. Whole regions will be saved.  It will spread like fire from one region to the other.

The Spirit of God is moving in 2020 and in every different church. Senior pastors will have a similar idea that culminates in one-day meetings with different churches coming together and worshipping and praying. The Lord says he is setting the stage for what He wants to do next.

Free church

There is a spirit of religion and tradition over the country. Government is keeping this religion and tradition alive, but there will be favour between the government and the Free Church. The Free Church will be given much more freedom and a lot more say; the Free Church’s voice will be heard.

Prayer movement

There is a huge prayer movement amongst the men in the country. They are standing in their rightful place to block any forces coming against the church.  The traditional church has been very effective in raising schools and colleges, so the work of the traditional church is not over; they are still effective, and they still impact the nation.


In terms of the church, believers have a real love and passion for the Word of God. Because they are so meticulous in studying and dissecting the Word, God is raising a group of revelation teachers that will be sent out to the nations to teach a fresh word from God.

Daniel to the government

There is a very influential businessman in the car industry that the Lord is raising to be a Daniel to government leaders.  He will speak into the lives of the leaders in Germany, and it will change the way they view many things.  This is his calling, and the fruit of his counsel will be good.


The economy is very stable now. A vision was seen of a safe full of gold; they have their reserves in order and everything they need to move forward. In 2020 there will be an increase in exports.

There will be growth in the local economy with a bit of a boom in Germany’s real estate sector. Germany will really be a pillar in 2020 to the other EU nations; their economy will stay strong and be stable.


A gas pipeline between Germany and Russia will come under threat, and President Putin will give some directives to keep gas. The price of gas will increase, and this will bring controversy and instability in the German economy.


Germany has a very good and stable education system that will bring very innovative leaders to the forefront. Various young men and women with many innovative ideas will be visible in engineering, medical science, telecoms, and sustainable power production. These innovations will be used to help poorer countries, with Germany becoming a shining light in Europe.

Family Oriented

Germany is already family-orientated, but there will be an even higher family-orientated structure. The government will start to provide finance towards family stability and education to have stable families.

German government

Changes are coming for the German government, but the Lord says these changes are good.  The changes are all in his plans because the foundations laid are very secure, so whatever the changes are coming, the Lord is behind it, and it will be for good.

Health care

There is excellence in health care in Germany.  Discoveries will come in this area.  One of the discoveries will be a new approach against cancer that will spread like wildfire across Germany and also have an impact across the world.

March turns violent

There will be a festival in Frankfurt that will be disrupted by the youth. There will be a peaceful march when the festival is on, but the youth will rise, and the clash will cause much devastation during that time.

New innovations

The engineering force that we know so well from Germany will bring a brand-new innovation in 2020. Germany will be a hub for businesses from all over the world. There will be an influx to Germany from neighbouring countries and further afield. Everyone will want to do business with them, and they will have to facilitate those processes.


Germany will be a peacekeeper in a multinational dispute. Contrary to their culture and contrary to the way that they are, they will be peacekeepers of this event.


People involved in politics are policing each other. Each one is aware of what the others are doing, and they are not allowing any negative decision to be made. They also have a policy whereby they work together as a team; they don’t make independent decisions or choices.

The big tech companies like T-Mobile, BMW and Mercedes have groups of people that make decisions, so there are no independent decisions. These collaborations have protected them and caused the economy to go forward and become as stable as it is today.

Changes in legislation

There are great legal minds in Germany that are busy with changes in legislation.  These amendments will be good.  They will also develop a new way of drafting legislation.  It will be much simpler, and other countries will copy this methodology of drafting.

Change of old guard

There will be a change of the old guard in politics, and it will be a good change. Old and new leaders will bring in new ideas for businesses and ideas to solve various problems and challenges regarding the refugees.

Telecommunications reform

The German telecommunication industry will be going through a reformation; it is outdated. It will move to fibre in the rural parts, and 5G will become the norm.

Vehicle industry

The German vehicle trade industry should not focus on designing and producing the best electrical motors. They need to focus on new alternative and additional developments to it; they need to look further and add to the new developments that have been done. If they focus on an ‘electric vehicle race,’ unwise decisions will be made regarding trade and trade deals. Those deals will have a negative impact on the economy.