The Lord says that He was very intentional in creating the relationships between China and other countries, specifically with the African continent. There is something that He wants to birth out of Africa going out into the rest of the world; they might see it only as an economic relationship, but the interactions that they have with Spirit-led African people in those meetings is what will touch their hearts to take what the Lord has for them back to their country.


The DRC will stay important to China because of its natural resources.


The relationship between Russia and China will strengthen because of Russia’s natural resources. Some of those resources will be cut off to Germany because of the relation between China and Russia.

South Africa

A vision was seen of money that flows from China through Ukraine to the South African gold mining industry.  This will be great for all three countries. In South Africa, the Cape Town harbour is important to China, with illegal drug trafficking as an aim.


Turkey will be important to China. Turkey will be used as a ‘launching pad’ for Chinese interests in nations close to Turkey. China will provide Turkey with finance to go ahead with their plans.


China is pro-Brexit; there will be some disruption in Europe. China has underground plans about the geopolitical waters that will upset some of the European deals that are being put in place.


China will have heavy rains again in 2020 that will cause landslides, mudslides and flooding, and emergency services will have to be well-prepared in the rainy season to cope with these disasters.

Trade war

Business will expand on other continents, but there will still be a concern about the trade war, which will continue. The local economy will struggle a bit, but business will continue to expand and grow their business relationships on other continents such as Australasia, Asia, South America and Africa.


China is not the threat that we think they are; they are involved worldwide because they see a need. They are visionary, and they know how they can help. They go to other nations with their people, resources, and finances because they want to help and uplift these nations. Their heart is in the right place.  Most of the Chinese are very hard-working people; they are not afraid to put the shoulder to the wheel and do the needed work.

They are not looking for soft living; they don’t think in terms of luxury, time off and holidays, but they are visionaries; they always have a plan, and they always want to go forward with their plan.