Leadership vacuum

Iraq has seen a big turnaround of leaders. This trend will continue into the next year. The people are dissatisfied with proposed leaders and cannot find an appropriate candidate. Nobody seems to have a solution for Iraq. There is a lack of proper government, housing, farming, import and export. The country is fragmented and disorganised. Eventually, a new military leader will arise that will unite the people of Iraq.

The role of the European Union

A vision was seen of a huge military intervention coming from the European Union, specifically the UK, which will be supported by the USA. This will again bring stability for a season within Iraq. These countries will not take over Iraq’s governing, but assistance will be given to the current government. Those in power will be a thorn in the flesh to the foreign nations involved in the intervention.

Dismantling of power

A dismantling of power will continue in Iraq and the surrounding countries. The inner workings of ruling powers and factions will be exposed. The turmoil in Iraq will bleed over into the neighbouring countries. An international blockade will be put in place to try and prevent the spread of the conflict. Because of this terrorist retaliation will take place in western countries, causing a higher security threat in all the countries in the northern hemisphere. Israel will join the fight against this threat.

America will be sending troops as advisors into Iraq; it will bring a flicker of hope that will be short-lived.

Russian involvement

Russia has again become a force to be reckoned with and should not be forgotten. They are funding areas of conflict like Iraq and Palestine and supplying weapons to these areas.

Military threats of Russia towards the west will escalate in this next year. There have been constant undercurrents of violence and terror from Russia that will be openly displayed in this next year revealing Russia’s animosity towards the west.

Russia will promote the destabilisation of the Middle East’s oil reserves because of sanctions imposed on it. They will try to pressure the rest of the world to lift sanctions and repurchase Russian oil.