Israel is financially strained and struggling to find money. Although some people have been sending money to the country others are convinced withholding the money will end the war.

A Vision was seen of young Israelis getting fed up with their country’s situation and leaving to work elsewhere. They are sending money back into the country to support their parents and families. These young Israelis are losing their faith and their identity in the process. Parents are praying for peace in Israel so that their children will return to their nation and their faith.

Finding solutions

The Israeli leadership are not looking to God for solutions. Rabbis have tried to counsel the leadership according to scripture. An impasse has been reached between the spiritual leaders and government.

Fuelling the conflict

There are behind the scene antagonists fuelling the conflict between Hamas and Israel in Gaza. In 2015 the parties involved will be revealed. The media will expose the countries and parties and their involvement in the attacks against Israel. Israel will continue to experience attacks throughout 2015.

A vision was seen of the Israelis laying down their weapons and, in doing so, giving their enemy an opportunity. The Palestinians will put up a deceptive facade of innocence and attack when Israel shows the first sign of weakness.

In public people will say they are not supporting the Palestinians but in secret, they will fund the Palestinian military with weapons. Signs of peace and negotiations for peace will take place, but no peace will come.

Interceding for Israel

A vision was seen of a serpent or dragon coming out of the Mediterranean Sea and attacking Israel’s coastline. It will be an unexpected attack. In the vision, the serpent or dragon seemed to come from the ocean depths and only reveals itself when it reaches the shoreline. Many people that have never before prayed for Israel will be moved to pray and intercede for the country and its people. Conflict will arise in America regarding support for Israel. It will become a contentious issue amongst politicians.

A nuclear threat

A nuclear threat against Israel will occur in 2015. This will further threaten the peace and stability in the Middle East. A vision was seen of a tremendous aerial explosion over a greatly populated area of Israel. This explosion will cause terror amongst the people but will not affect on the ground.

Times and seasons

2015 will be a very significant year for Israel. People will have to clearly discern the times as the Lord will show His arm concerning the nation.

Scripture God gave for the people of Israel was Zachariah 12:3

On that day when all the nations of earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations, all that try to move her will injure themselves.

We will see many other nations join the outcry of Israel against Palestine, especially China and Russia. The alignment to the Palestinian people will cause a global escalation of the crisis. There will not be a quick solution as everybody hopes, but ultimately the Lord will show His hand in Israel’s favour, and they will not lose the ground they have taken.