Hopelessness has settled over Libya. New laws will be written to restore hope to the people. Heads of state will come together and discuss a new constitution. But the implementation of the new constitution will take time.

There was a lot of potential for progress and change after the old government was taken out in Libya. Many people were excited and full of hope, but it seems that the opposite is happening from what everybody had hoped would occur.

Many dissatisfied groups, who were living under fear and could not voice their demands and needs, have now, for the first time, taking the courage to speak out and make their needs known and fight for their right and position in the country.

A new equilibrium amongst the people groups in Libya and a new spirit of nation-building needs to come forth. This will happen through dialogue between the different groupings. They need to understand their position in the country and their relation to each other. The conflict in Libya is being escalated by the Muslim brotherhood and other factions who use the turmoil for their own personal gain and towards the bigger Muslim plan for the whole of northern Africa and the Middle East. There is a great demand for democracy in many of the civilians in Libya, but it is in conflict with the Muslim extremism that wants to settle itself in Libya. This conflict will not be resolved in 2015.


A new education program will be implemented. Because of the current danger of public places, homebound women and children will begin to implement new homeschooling systems. The women will have the wisdom to protect their families and warn them of possible danger.


Business, farming, import and export has ground to a halt. The country has become a place of fear. This wall of fear needs to be demolished, but it will take time.

For many years international companies were uninterested in Libya. But God will now put the international business attention on Libya. Selected opportunities and niche markets will open up for foreign investment. This will start to grow the Libyan economy.

A new openness

Libya will open for outside assistance. The older generation fear foreign influence because of the possible change it will bring. The younger generation is in favour of help from western nations. Governments of western nations, in future, will have a strong influence in Libya and bring stability and ease the conflict between tribal factions.

Prayer for Libya

Because of persecution, many Christians are leaving the country. Without Christians, in the country, there will be no prayer. This will open up a gap for the enemy to escalate the conflict and the loss of life. A window of God’s grace, hope and help have opened for Libya. Christians need to take hold of this opportunity and use it wisely. Conflicting forces are pulling the nation into different directions. Prayer is needed in this regard.

Peace will come

The military has a strong influence on the country. A vision was seen of hail falling signifying hard times ahead.

A vision was seen of Muslim women wearing traditional clothing, and then taking it off; change will come in the land. The Lord showed an olive branch over the country which means that there will come a season of peace.