In the next few years, there will be a demand for apricots internationally. It is now time for farmers who are considering planting fruit trees to consider apricots and apricot-related products.


The South African beef industry will continue to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming year.  South African beef will become a major contender in the international industry and exported at greater levels than ever before.  This will bring an increase in finance and funding within this industry in South Africa.

Many cattle farmers have suffered much in drought-stricken areas. The release of this finance will also bring relief for many small- and medium-scale cattle farmers as the industry will be seen stepping in to aid them. The compassion that will be seen will become a testimony across the nation.


A demand from businesses outside of South Africa to provide livestock from the farming industry will benefit stock farmers. Truckloads full of cattle will be going up into Africa. The cattle industry will continue to grow, and farmers need to investigate exports to African countries.


The South African fishing industry will become very prevalent in the next year.

Many fishing communities are in crisis with the government in terms of licensing; allocations of fishing quotas through mediation will remove the industry’s stalemate. This will give new momentum to the fishing industry and unlock great potential in South Africa. Many small-scale fisheries will seem to pop up overnight and become a substantial employer in the South African agricultural job market.


Hunting and tourism will partner in 2020.  Many international tourists will come specifically for hunting trips.  Farmers will also branch out and offer farm holidays where tourists experience and participate in regular farm life.


There will be a good demand for all types of berries, and the pricing will be very high. For berry farmers, this will be a very good year and care should be taken of their crops to maximize their output production, for they will receive good pricing for berries in 2020.


Hybrid corn seed is being grown in a scientific lab; not the current seed of this season but a different kind of hybrid corn seed that will carry us for the next couple of years.


A vision was seen where maize fields were full, resulting in a very good harvest with a maize surplus in 2020. There will be enough for export, but it is also to be retained for the local market for the season ahead.


Nuts will also do well, and the nut industry will bloom in this next season.  Nuts will be cleverly used in foods.

Protea flowers

Protea-exporting businesses will experience a wonderful flourish in protea sales. A UK contract for exporting will become available.


Wine and tea production will increase trade; the wine and grape season will yield huge harvests that will increase business inside South Africa and internationally.


In the Western Cape, one of the wines will receive an international award, which will be celebrated.