The 2020 prophetic words from PRT South Africa for the UK covering the Royals, threats, a big sporting event, politics and more.

Prophetic words UK: Church in Britain

A fire is seen being lit under the churches in Britain.  There is a great desire to hear the Lord and see Him move in people’s hearts.  It is not true that nothing is happening in churches in Britain; the Lord says, “I am very busy there.” The church in Britain will be very demonstrative; they will not be shy about how they experience God and the things that they hear from Him; they will be obedient to the voice that they hear. They will have prayer meetings in government buildings and business areas, and they will be making prophetic declarations.  They are a church that is proud of what the Lord is doing for them, and there is a willingness from the church to step out and be obedient.

There will be a movement of faith within the church that will impact society and their economy.

The state church

Many small churches in Britain are very active, and the Holy Spirit is working. The State Church is taking a knock, but the Holy Spirit is working in the people and their hearts, especially in the small churches. The Holy Spirit will move powerfully among the people who love Jesus. The power of these Christians’ influence will grow tremendously, and they will influence people around them through the Holy Spirit. God is allowing the decline in nominal Christians; He is choosing those He will use and will empower them with might to reach the nation.  Churches from other nations will have concerts and outreaches that will ‘feed’ the church, especially those that do not have a structure where they fit into.

2020 is a time for the church to get creative – God will start with a new way of doing things that will originate from the church.

The Lord is breathing a fresh breath into the church that will cause a younger generation to respond to the love of God. Demonstrative arts, flags, drums, and visible worship of the Lord that carry a prophetic voice will be very prevalent in the church’s young adults. The Lord wants them to raise a different flag on His behalf and raise the prophetic voice in the church.


Revival is coming to the churches like a flood, and they will come through third world nations; people from those nations will bring revival and a pure gospel to those parts of the world. It will be an army marching through Great Britain and bringing this revival to the country; it won’t be immediate, but it will be rolled out slowly and all over the country.

New young, charismatic leaders will arise to meet the next generation and win them to God. There is desolation in the next generation because they don’t know about God, and some of them don’t even know who Jesus is. A loud and clear message from these young leaders that will be rising and winning the people’s hearts will draw the young generation’s hearts.

The church is very community and family orientated. There is a spiritual inheritance for Great Britain due to the seeds sown by great reformers like Smith Wigglesworth. A great stirring was seen in the hearts of the believers, especially the youth, for the power of God. God is raising a young apostolic evangelist. The name Jason or James was heard, who will have meetings and great miracles, and signs and wonders will take place.


A shaking midyear in businesses will force a relook at the foundations and conducts in the business sphere. There will be two different groups: those that want to remain in the status quo because it seems as if it is working fine for them, and those who see the flaws in the status quo and want to change it to what the Lord wants to be. This will affect the economy for a brief period while this transition occurs.

Prophetic words UK: Economy

The economy is teetering, and it will get the attention of the politicians. They will be forced to collaborate because of the economy; they will have to come together and talk to each other instead of shouting in the media and running each other down.

The middle-income group has a huge frustration because their livelihood is insecure. Many of them have their businesses, and they wonder where the business will come from. This has caused the whole middle class to be frustrated, insecure and unhappy. There is a large amount of murmuring and moaning. So, come against the naysayers in Jesus name; God rules and reigns in England. People are praying and standing in the gap, and the devil cannot win and have his way.

The economy’s struggles are igniting the spirit of the British people; there will be new visible creativity and style returning.  In this struggle, the entrepreneurs will rise and become more creative, become more stylish, and draw many people to the island. Many tourists were seen coming. Tourist season will no longer be limited to a specific season; it will be all year round. The economy will struggle until the middle of 2020; then, there will be a slight upturn. By the end of 2019, some solutions will be in place, but the effect will not be visible till mid-2020.

Prophetic words UK: Boom coming

There will be a boom in the latter part of 2020 for import and export, but it does come with a warning of an influx of refugees and illegal immigrants from Calais. Many trucks were seen coming into the UK, which is terrific for the economy, but truckloads of illegal immigrants will place a tremendous financial strain on the economy.

In terms of the economy, there will be no significant growth in 2020. The primary reason for this is the stalemate regarding Brexit; businesses will be taking a more cautious stance in terms of investment, growth and employment.

International agreements

There will be new agreements between European countries. In addition, political leaders will benefit from Chinese funding.

Prophetic words UK: Politics

Politics is in a huge transition now, and there is much insecurity all over Wales, Scotland, and England.  There is much political infighting. There is no real leader,  although a prime minister is in place. Several people are trying to be in charge.

The current political struggle is all about parliament, the prime minister and the monarchy.  The citizens of Britain are apathetic about politics.  They discuss politics at home, but they do not publicly speak their minds about it or express their wants and needs about politics.  What is currently going on in parliament is a wake-up call for citizens, and suddenly their real issues are being debated, like ‘Do we need a constitution? Is the monarchy outdated?’ This is a crucial season for Britain regarding politics; what will be decided now will determine the impact on their future, the business world, the economy, the citizens and what is regarded as a normal life for them. This is the time for citizens to become active, let their voices be heard, and not let a select few decide on behalf of everyone.

News anchors in the media will start influencing discussions in Britain, and these discussions will steer people’s politics and minds.

There will be disunity in politics with finger-pointing, blaming and shaming. Social media and politics will be used negatively, and much prayer is needed for Great Britain’s leaders.

Labour Party

The Labour Party will lose seats, and Jeremy Corbyn will be replaced. The country will have a new election.  England lies in the balance politically as to the Muslims and the influence in the nation, and parliamentarians are debating how much the Muslim voice should be allowed in parliament.  The UKIP party will rise and will win many seats. The whole political mandate and vision of the nation are going to change. The country is weary of Brexit and needs new leadership.

There will be a real political stalemate as neither party will have a significant enough majority, making it difficult to make decisions. None of the politicians in Britain wants to be bold enough to decide concerning Brexit, and when it comes time to vote, various leaders will ‘jump ship’. Regarding Brexit, no amicable agreement will be made, and the EU will force Britain’s hand.

Sporting event

Britain will bid for a big sporting event, which will be successful.  They have had many unsuccessful bids in the past, but they will go ahead and bid and be successful because it is very close to their heart, and they have the entire infrastructure to do it wisely and safely. The safety of the people who attend the sports event is vital; the British people know how to keep them safe and secure. The event is three years from 2020, but the bidding will occur next year.

The Royals

Public opinion of the royals will change as they let go of the old ways and embrace the new.  One of the younger members of the royal family is involved in something underhand; the exposure will cause a scandal, and he will be asked to step down from his royal duties.


A bomb threat will occur in London close to Harrods, where the high street and the subway are; there should be heightened security in 2020, especially in London.

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