Africa, it’s your time

The words: ‘Africa, it is your time! African states, it is your time!’ were heard. A democratic movement will be emerging amongst the leaders of these Southern African countries, and there will be a tremendous unity amongst them for the future of their nations.


Some nations are starting to focus more on agriculture and food security than on revenue generated from mining natural resources. In the next few years, the drive to develop and focus on agriculture will increase. This will open doors of opportunity to increase trade between various African nations and America, Europe and the United Kingdom. This will also boost investment and increase opportunities regarding infrastructure development. More avenues for funding of terrorism will close as leaders change their focus from mining mineral resources to agriculture.

A vision was seen of the nations south of the equator planted with fields and fields of crops. There will be collaboration in terms of building a strong agricultural breadbasket between many southern African nations. The will produce beautiful fruits that will be exported to the European and northern hemisphere nations. The collaboration in agriculture in the coming year will pave the way for collaboration on many other fronts, including mining. Mining vehicles were seen moving across the borders.


There are meetings about opening the borders of the whole southern region. There is talk of the borders opening up completely so that no passports or passport control is needed. With this, there is talk of a unified currency so that one currency is used in the whole area.

God’s plan for the rail link on the west of Africa, for which we received this word last year, has not changed. The plans for this railway were drawn, and there was finance, but the finance was used for something else. Finance will again be gathered, and this time it will be used what it was intended for.

Changing of powers

The balance of power is changing. The hands that hold power now will not hold power by the end of 2019. An enormous amount of change is rapidly coming. One country will have a change of political power, then another soon after. These leaders don’t have a relationship yet, but they are going to build relationships very quickly.

China and the USA

Many leaders will be building relationships with President Donald Trump and the USA, and as they prove themselves as leaders, much finance and support will flow in. The southern African nations have become aware of the negative result stemming from Chinese influence in the region. They will look to a credible voice in the USA and President Donald Trump to assist them.

There is a strong resistance against the invasion of China in this region. They will take an active stance against this invasion and protect the resources that were meant for Africans.

Data centres

African countries currently rely on data centres in America and Europe. Southern African cities will join together to start a massive data centre for Africa. This joint venture will cause great excitement and will start the development of a new generation of IT specialists working and being taught in Africa.

Internet connectivity will increase in the region. The banking industry will be one of the forces driving this and will change dramatically. Banking will be done in ‘the cloud’. Everyone with a cell phone will be able to do banking, although there are no physical banking facilities available in some areas. This change in the banking industry will start in South Africa.


This entire zone will be revisited as an economic zone resulting in an easing of cross-border trade. The champions for this policy have lost momentum because things move slowly. The Lord wants to encourage them to persevere in these endeavours. The ease of cross-border trade in this entire zone must be pursued. Each nation maintains its individuality, but work must be done to create an economic zone.

There is a discouraged visionary (a Thabo Mbeki-African Renaissance type figure) and likeminded people who the Lord wants to encourage to keep persevering with this. Working together in the regional economy will be synchronised in terms of having a strategy and plan. The Lord has called new leaders, not in SADEC, but leaders who have a heart to work together and advance all the region’s nations.

Many of the nations will work together and one of the central countries, it looks like Zambia, will operate as a nucleus country. What is happening in Zambia will filter through to the other nations around it.

In mining, discoveries will take place as collaboration is established. Each of these nations has resources that can be built into the other to lift the region, which will happen. Synchronisation, in terms of mining, will take place. Governments will not be the only parties that will work together well; there will be cooperation in business and economics.

Entrepreneurial spirit

A strong entrepreneurial spirit rests on the people of Africa and southern Africa. A spirit of oppression has tried to oppress the people. God says that He will not allow the quenching of that entrepreneurial spirit because it helps the people of Africa to survive their hardships.

Entrepreneurs are being raised who have a heart for the people and are not interested in enriching themselves but want to make a difference in their lives.


Apart from the railway infrastructure that will be built, this region will place a new focus on road infrastructure.


The leadership in this zone has been steeped in selfish protectionism, which is fired by corruption. This corruption is going to be exposed. There will be an inability for power-hungry individuals to dictate this process.

Witchcraft used in previous dispensations to gain power will be totally ineffective. The onslaught against witchcraft will reach an all-time high.

Many of the rulers and self-appointed leaders will be aghast at this loss of power. This power and hold on power will be lost overnight. The Lord says to the remnant of people who over generations have lifted the African people before Him: ‘The time of My intervention has come!’

God is changing the leadership to people of His choosing. They may not all be born again, but they are handpicked like Pharaoh was handpicked for Egypt.

Learning from the mistakes of others

Leaders who were looking at Zimbabwe and South Africa’s leadership saw what has happened. The fear of the Lord has come over them, and they are now saying ‘I have to relinquish my post or my position this moment before I get under threat.’ Some leaders who have been in power for a very long time will suddenly step down, and younger leaders and better leaders will immediately fill those positions.

Muslim influence

Muslim rebel groups will start pushing down to the southern nations. These nations must be vigilant in preparing to combat and protect their land from these groups. There is a significant influence from the Muslim Arabs and ISIS in the area. They have been coming in under false pretences, promising money to gain strongholds and obtain permission to do certain things.

A Muslim group linked to Al-Shabaab or ISIS is becoming prevalent. Terrorist attacks will happen in various nations in the southern African block, and it will force these nations to beef up security, not just for them but also for the region. Much has been happening in the dark that will be revealed at these times. Many of these nations are harbouring known terrorists, which will come back to haunt and bite them.

In many countries, conflict will arise because of an invasion of Muslim influence. In the past, many leaders and people in these countries would just bear up underneath the Muslim invasion, but now people will become much more vocal. Issues and concerns regarding secret alliances and connections with Muslims and influential people and government that cause corruption will come to light.

This will cause many people to rise and take hold of their country and take responsibility for their country. Many Christian voices and leaders in Christian communities and churches will gather together and become a voice to the people and the government concerning the concerns of the people they represent. The silent voice of Christians will be heard in the political arena, specifically against the invasion of the Muslim influence in these countries and how they are monopolising the economy and the government for their own selfish gain.

Natural disasters

A vision was seen of landslides and natural disasters, and many people were in great distress. These landslides will cause much devastation, and leaders will not know what to do about this.

New cities

Areas where there were no cities, or where it was not conducive to developing cities, will see brand new cities grow and become the main capitals of new life and commerce. Some of these cities will be on the borders between two countries, almost like Strasbourg, bringing down physical borders separating them.


The Lord is calling the people to be producers and not consumers only. People have been farming little plots for themselves and looking after only their families. There will be an extension of farmlands. The people must extend and must enlarge the areas to become better producers in Africa. There are places where resources must go to other countries, and countries who did not previously consider exporting will have an opportunity to export to America, Europe and other countries. The fruit and vegetables in these areas will be of high quality.

Regional unity

There is a man that has a vision for the unity of the whole region south of the equator, and that man is doing much behind the scenes. His activities will not be presented on the media. Nobody knows yet what he is doing, but he is right there, like a Kofi Anan figure with a neutral viewpoint of the region south of the equator. He will bring unity among groups of people and cause the prosperity promised to the southern nations.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy will become the mainstay of many new developments, bypassing the old technologies. New minerals and resources discovered within Africa will become the sources of development for these renewable technologies. African countries will become protective of these resources and not allow nations like China to control them. Because of these renewable energy resources in Africa, Africa will become a hub of riches.

As the Middle East was the economic powerhouse because of oil, Africa will become the new powerhouse because of renewable energy resources. Countries in Africa will grow exponentially because of this. They will wisen up very quickly and develop strong relationships with one another and create strong borders and regulations to prevent other nations from abusing and manipulating their resources, as has been happening for centuries.

Stabilizing of governments

Stabilizing of governments in the region will start to take place. God is dealing with abusive leadership to bring stable governments within these nations. A new standard of leadership is arising in this area of the world. God is preparing these nations to become more accountable towards their people, the rest of the world and towards one another.

In the past, a secret brotherhood would protect their selfish interests; some leaders of these nations will now call out and challenge other leaders to live and abide by a higher standard.

Many of the countries within this region will change as new leadership is established. Political parties in power for a long time will discover they suddenly lose power and favour amongst the people. New political parties, some of which have never been heard of, will come into power with a whole new mindset on how to run the government and how to run the nation.

This change will bring rejuvenation within the nations and new foreign investment in the country. Many new modern leaders will not be bribed into selling off their country’s riches and minerals to multinational companies. They will have well-defined guidelines according to which investors need to abide when functioning within the country. Greater focus will take place on local development, development of the people, agricultural development and development for the people in the country, instead of selling of resources and mineral riches to other countries and multinational companies.


There will be a strong emphasis on telecommunications as these nations come together. Strong telecommunication systems will be implemented. The internet and social media and various other learning methods will come to the nations, and they will embrace them. Telecommunications will play a strong role in education.

Tribal boundaries

A vision was seen of little blocks and little groups of people with borders like fences around farms. These were not farms but different tribes that are being blocked from connecting. There are definite lines drawn between the different tribes all over the southern region. It is tough for the leaders to move forward when there is such a diversity of cultures and nations and everyone trying to make their nation the main one.

There isn’t going to be a main one; a vision was seen of the Lord taking an eraser and erasing the lines so that the people have to mix and interact. They are forced into working with others.


Unions in South Africa will attempt to cross borders to establish union movements in other southern African nations below the equator. Little clusters of unions were specifically seen in Botswana and Namibia. Their success is not guaranteed, but discussions are taking place.

Weather patterns changing

A great change in the weather patterns over the whole southern part of Africa was seen. Weather front patterns will shift completely, coming from the central-western part of Africa over southern Africa. This system is something that has never been seen before. This drastic change in weather patterns will cause meteorologists to revisit their models. Scientists will struggle to explain it. It will be a supernatural occurrence.

Dire predictions of increased drought in southern Africa will have to be revised. The change in these weather patterns will cause an increase in rain in the whole region. Areas that did not know cold weather will experience cold weather and even snow for the first time. Desert areas will change into grassland, and areas with no agricultural potential will become a paradise of produce. Foreign food aid will not come from western countries anymore.

Working together

Different products in different countries have not been fully utilised.

People are looking across borders to see what they can get, instead of what they can give. Negotiating will occur to see what people can share to improve both countries and not just one country. They will be helping each other and growing the southern part of Africa as a whole.

Botswana a haven

Botswana is a haven, a jewel of Africa. Holiday homes will be built in the bush. These areas will be wisely planned and backed up with good legislation and policing. Some people will retire there, creating wealthy communities not only in terms of money but also because of knowledge and innovation. Many retirees carry vast intellectual property (IP) within themselves. They will be stimulated to share it, bringing benefits to the nation and region. These people will be from other African nations and European nations, especially the UK and Germany.

Border Posts

The border posts between South Africa and Botswana will be known for their effectiveness. Access between these two countries will become easier; it will be like an open doorway, which will have a huge positive impact on South Africa businesses.

Cattle industry

In past Botswana was known as one of the greatest exporters of meat. The cattle industry in Botswana will flourish, and they will once again live up to their past accomplishments in this regard.

Changes in government

Change and shifting of government positions will take place for the better of the country. Governance in Botswana will become more effective, not only in properly legislation but also by implementing the legislation.


In the past, there were holes in the pockets of Botswana. The Lord is closing these holes, and the economy of Botswana will stabilise more.

New mineral resources will be discovered.


New infrastructure is coming. There will be trees or just a small dirt road and the next moment a new tar road will be built. The national road of Botswana that goes to various nations will be upgraded.

Revamping the health sector

Botswana is having a medical crisis regarding AIDS; it is spreading faster than what they are reporting. Many of the rural people are dying of AIDS. They simply bury the bodies and do not try to save the sick or prolong their lives. This has resulted in many orphans with no provision in place for their care. The new president will revamp the health department and health issues. New hospitals are being built, and more mobile clinics will service areas with no medical facilities.

He will allocate more funds to look after the orphans. It is not in the African culture to have orphanages, but they don’t know what to do with these children that don’t have homes and families. Ultimately, they will manage the crisis.

The new leader

The newly elected president of Botswana, President Masisi, will be a well-respected authority amongst the African leaders. He will have great influence. The new president will also promote the development and integration of the different southern African countries. He will play a prominent role in advancing the economies’ integration, bringing down borders and making trade easier amongst the countries in southern Africa. President Masisi will be in power for five years and be re-elected for another five years. However, he will not complete the last five years.

President Masisi will become known as the ‘new intelligentsia’, spearheading new ideas to transform old ideologies. He will have great influence and a positive impact on the people in the region. Phrases like ‘loyalism’ will replace ‘ethnicity’. In Botswana, loyalism will fuel patriotism. In the bigger region, it will tear down borders between countries. More countries will work towards cross-border tourism and other cross-border ideas. Thus, these countries will be loyal towards a certain idea and create these cross-border joint ventures to benefit all.

Kenya economy

Kenya will experience a season of strong economic growth and prosperity. Much trade will take place along the coastline between Kenya, Saudi Arabia, India and Mozambique. There will be heightened activity with pirating, but measures will be put in place to curb the negative effect.

Economic Hub God has earmarked Kenya to be an economic hub in Africa. There is a resurgence in the economy. There will be much investment in the nation, which is why there has been an increase in terrorism; they have become a target. There are many wide-open spaces where the terrorists can hide, and they have spent years preparing their hideouts, getting ready for this season and this time.

God has an economic plan for Kenya and especially for the city of Nairobi. The banks and the Nairobi economy are solid, and it will set the pace for the whole nation. Manufacturing will increase with China wanting to start factories there to produce various products, even a Coca-Cola factory, on the outskirts of Nairobi. The government will allow it, but they will put restrictions in place to promote employment.


More exporting of crops will be done, but instead of going overseas it will be going back into Africa; filtering further down to the south of the region.

Greater Influence

Many nations in Africa will start looking at Kenya. In the past, this nation’s global influence was insignificant, but its GDP and its influence in the whole of Africa will grow rapidly in the future. People will begin to ask how such a small country can have such a great influence.

Kenyan Airways Kenyan airways will receive financial support to reposition itself as competition for Ethiopian Airways. Great competition in aviation for flight routes across Africa and other parts of the world will start taking place in eastern Africa.

National day of prayer

A National Day of Prayer will be called because of the influence of the Gospel in government. More and more Christianity and religion will be taught in the schools.

Northern border

The northern border will be heavily militarized because of Somali militants infiltrating the nation from there.

The Kenyan government will need to beef up security on their northern border because this is a breeding ground for terrorist training camps.

Some of the political leaders that have been negatively influenced to support these terrorist cells will be exposed. As things come to light, strong action will be taken by the Kenyan military, which will weed out terrorist cells in the north.


Skirmishes and fighting will occur. There will be fear among the people, and they will be running scared. This will also affect the provision that people have in Kenya. Food security will be threatened.


There will be an increase in terrorist activity in Kenya. A terrorist group like Boko Haram will try to take over certain regions and areas. The USA and UK Intelligence services will join forces with Kenya to try to prevent this. Ethiopia and Kenya will take hands and support each other in seeking solutions for violence and terrorism.

Missions, missionaries and ministries and not NGOs (non-governmental organisations) must concentrate on this nation again. It will still be a turbulent season with many conflicts in Kenya due to the radical Muslim tide. When entering these areas, whether for missions or business, be very wise and make sure that you should be there. This will not occur in Kenya but relates to the hotspots in the northern regions, such as Mombasa and the eastern coastal regions.

The people in these sensitive regions are developing a keen ear, with regards to their safety, and will honour voices of those moving in the supernatural. The Lord will reveal hidden terrorist cells to people in these areas, and this will reach the ears of those who can do something about it. In so doing, a buffer zone will be created that protects the rest of the nation and this southern zone from atrocities being planned.

Most radical Muslim attacks will be in the northern parts of this zone, and Kenya will bear the brunt of what is planned. The Lord has a counter-plan, and as they heed it, many big cells will be broken, and many weapons will be confiscated.

Greater conflict between Muslims and Christians will occur, and much prayer for missionaries will be required as they go to evangelise certain areas.

Tourism Kenya will receive tremendous investment from Germany into the tourist industry and its growth. Germany will assist in funding the whole of the eastern side of the country’s tourist border. Many new hotels and much revamping will take place. The airport will be upgraded.

The seafront will be upgraded for tourism. A vision was seen of umbrellas going up in the sand at the beach again; people will be lying on the beach. The government are going to use the opportunity to bring more money into the country.

Water Crisis Kenya will experience major water problems. There will be an outbreak of cholera, and as a result, the government will be calling on Israel to help solve this problem. Israel does influence the nation, but its influence will become greater.

Women’s Movement

A strong women’s movement will arise in Kenya as the government and present leadership become much more aware of women’s value in the nation. The whole approach toward women will be changing.


(Please note that Lesotho’s words were not received during the Prophets Round Table gathering, but were prophesied by the Round Table members at a later date. The members of the Round Table agreed to add it to the book).

Lesotho will be entering a flourishing season as a nation. The work done in the background in terms of the economy and government will become very evident. The prayers and fasting of believers in this nation for change and breakthrough will be answered, and many testimonies will be heard of the Lord‘s grace over the nation. Lesotho will truly become a jewel in the crown of Southern Africa.


A vision was seen of half a coffee bean being cut in half and one half being trampled underfoot. The emerging coffee industry in Lesotho will come under pressure in 2019.

District of Butha-Buthe

The nation’s attention will be drawn to the northern district of Butha-Buthe regarding a project that will be started, which will bring a breakthrough for the people in that area. It shall be something that results in uplifting the lives of many, especially those struggling and less privileged. The Butha-Buthe district shall speak to the nation in this next season. Even the way crime shall drop, and the police force in that district shall gain impressive success; it shall be something that makes an impression.


Economic growth will continue in the nation. Corruption will still receive much attention, and a cleaning out of the public service will continue.

Riches in a nation are often seen as the inherent wealth of mineral riches. This is not the case in Lesotho, although it has some hidden treasures. The present wealth of Lesotho is their ability to capture water in a semiarid region. This has only been realised to a minimal degree.

Decisionmakers think they have now capitalised on it and are trying to find Lesotho’s ‘new’ thing. They are so busy trying to conjure up something unique and new that they have lost sight of their jewel – water. They need to focus on this capability of capturing water with rigorous attention and planning. The expertise and planning capabilities for this venture will not be found in the nation – they need to be gleaned from the international market with great circumspection as some of the new colonial powers in Africa such as China cannot wait to get their hands on it.

This is a political/spiritual warning. It does not mean individual apolitical Chinese engineers and expertise cannot be merged into a truly international team that unlocks this potential on Lesotho’s behalf.

Influx of NGOs

There has been an influx of NGOs that has been good for the nation and brought informal education and training. This is being encouraged and room made for them to participate more easily.

Intercession Malachi 3:12: “You’ll be voted ‘Happiest Nation.’ You’ll experience what it’s like to be a country of grace.” God-of-the-Angel-Armies say so” (The Message).

There is a call for the intercessors in Lesotho to go up the mountains and intercede for Lesotho’s nation. The spiritual high places of old need to be taken down and be replaced with the Lord’s grace to become the nation described in Mal. 3:12.

Investing in education

More money will be invested and spent on education. There is a need for this. People in education, teachers specifically, have been asking for this for some time, and to them, it feels like there is no hope, and they have given up. The investment will have to be made for the future, and it will be worth it.

Mining They have been mining for minerals, and they have dug very deep into the ground but with not much luck. Something will be found, but it’s not what they expected. It will be a surprising find but a much better find. This will provide more jobs and more investment in this field.

Politics Political stability and peace have returned to Lesotho. A forward-thinking attitude will be seen in an uncommon spirit of unity amongst politicians and parliamentarians. The new government has already shown a measure of change. This will continue as good relationships form in parliament and politics.

The nation of Lesotho is entering a very sensitive time. There is a promise of economic growth for Lesotho. There is a need for the president and his advisors to reassess old policies and implement new policies to strengthen economic growth. An investigation into successful policies and strategies other nations have implemented will assist them in going forward. An inter-ministerial team comprising economists, consultants from various sectors and business leaders must be established to advise the way forward.

Opportunities for direct foreign investment will occur, but it’s essential that the ‘fine print’ be investigated before agreements are concluded. If the implemented policies do not benefit Lesotho’s people, Lesotho will experience tougher financial times ahead. So, the strategies put in place in 2019 will be of vital importance and will affect the mood of the people and the future of the current leadership.

Some ministers will reach abroad for investment in Lesotho. Rules and regulations for foreign building investment will be reduced to speed up investment. Cumbersome municipal rules and regulations for business investment will be addressed.

Prominent leader stepping down

A leader high in government is retiring; this is not a moment of dishonour, but it is a leader resting after running his course. Many shall be surprised by this unusual event. The Lord is already dealing with this leader regarding this matter. A young leader will emerge, and an organised march taking place will be marked by young people fighting for the nation to rise to the next level in God’s purpose.

SA relations

Relationships between Lesotho and the South African government will strengthen with many new partnerships in various areas of society.

New-found minerals and riches will bring job opportunities and give Lesotho a stronger hand in negotiating trade agreements. Many Basotho will return from South Africa to their own country because of these new job opportunities. Those that qualified themselves in South African universities and found good-paying jobs in South Africa will be given incentives to bring their expertise back to Lesotho.

A new intellectual class of young working professionals will arise in the country and bring much hope for the future and much growth. God is also raising a new generation of leaders who will take over the country’s reins in the future.

Lesotho’s government will start to find their own voice and not merely toe the line of what South Africa expect from them.

Season of celebrations

A vision was seen of big celebrations for the country with large scale preparations and much excitement. Everyone is pleased, and it’s as if they have been waiting for this for a long time. This event will have many invited dignitaries. The red carpets will be rolled out, and no expense will be spared. It will be worth it as this event will bring a great uplifting to the people and stronger unity.

The Church

The hearts of political leaders and those in society will be with the Church of Lesotho. Many leaders will have an open door and ear for the Church. They will see themselves as an extension of what the Lord has called the Church of Lesotho to become: a brilliant and radiant people showing and declaring the kingdom of Christ to the Southern African Nations.

A clear line will be drawn between Christians and the rest of the nation. Some ministers need to get their lives in order; God is calling them closer to Him. But if the nation chooses to continue in idolatry, many calamities will come to the nation. Diseases never seen before in Lesotho will become evident among those who choose to walk and stay in darkness.

The church needs to come together and earnestly pray for the leaders of the nation. Competition between churches must stop, and they must unite because the church will play a vital role in the good future God has planned for Lesotho.

The Royal Family There shall be a special moment of honour before the nation that shall be granted to the king and the royal family. Out of the extended royal family shall come a voice that carries great authority that will speak and give direction. This individual will be speaking with such clarity that he stirs many within the nation. The media will even make a show of this, but in a good way.

A vision was seen of the king taking off his crown and putting it aside; his lapel with many honorary medals and acknowledgements is being turned inwards so that it could not be seen. The king will be seen putting his kingship aside to stand with regular men and address specific matters.

Voice for the Poor There is a well-known poet who has his poetry presented in schools that will become a voice and advocate for the poor and the hungry. He will put on street dramas and stir up sentiment. People will become proud of their flag, and national pride is on the rise.

Weather Patterns

A very cold and wet season will bring an abundance of water to the nation and enable the country to supply South Africa with much-needed water.