Outside forces are trying to bring political change in some of the Balkan Peninsula by using issues on the surface of politics, news and media. Some government officials were bribed and coerced to propagate these groups’ plans within their government and country.

The Balkan Peninsula are developing their own unique identity and persona apart from the rest of Europe. They were constant victims of aggression between European countries and Russia in the past; they are now taking a stance and have their own voice. These countries will unite further in the future to strengthen their cause.

In these countries, powerful mafia-like organisations are trying to take over industry and business. They criss-cross all the states and make it very difficult for growth to take place. There will be an increase of this activity to the point of becoming unmanageable, but then the rug will be taken out from under them. Suspicion within the mafia-like groups will arise, and they will destroy each other almost overnight.

There is much interest in religious practices, churches and church buildings. However, there is not much training or teaching; there is little equipping of the saints.

War from Russia’s side was discerned. Russia, like a great big bear, will try to attack her cubs. Russia sees the Balkan Peninsula as her cub, and her cubs are retaliating. Conflict will arise between Russia and Slovenia. There will be tremendous media coverage in the days ahead concerning these two nations as Russia will escalate its conflict with this nation.