God has blessed the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) with great scientists, providing them with technologies and strategies to boost the agricultural sector, which will positively affect the economies. Unfortunately, certain persons in government have not provided the support needed to implement these plans due to corrupt agendas not in the public’s best interest. Furthermore, many scientists have been lured to other nations with promises of more money and better living. Prayer is needed to bring these scientists back to provide the necessary skills needed to develop and boost the agricultural sector.

True potential

The Baltic states are in constant crisis management. Every crisis catches their attention, and they neglect to look at their true potential. One of these areas of potential is agriculture. It is difficult for them to see this potential because the young people who can work the land have all run away to other nations, especially the USA. The older generation is fear-driven because of the threat on their borders, which keeps them from establishing this potential food basket that will pour into the markets of Europe. A great portion of their financial problems will be alleviated if they follow this route.

They are being distracted by rumours of wars that will not happen. The Baltic nations are called to invest in agriculture, and that agriculture will become prominent again. A higher-quality crop will be produced. People that have stopped farming for many years will start planting and growing crops again. Potatoes will be grown in that area.

Building the economy

The heads of these three nations are linking together and trying to build an economic tower. They are looking at the resources they have and all the people that have emigrated. They are trying to lure them back with an economic upsurge. They can only do it if they are in unity, and at the moment, there is no unity between them. The politicians ruling in these nations keep the economic groups apart while those working in the economy want to work together. This is a critical prayer issue: that the economics and political forces will not be divided but that they will come together into unity for the people’s good.

Renewed purpose

Some of the very sparsely populated areas have many older people because young people have moved away to find employment. These older people have lost their purpose and zeal. The economic leaders are trying to involve the youth more to work in factories and draw them back into these areas. International car manufacturers are looking for property in these three nations and are trying to find an area where they can build a car manufacturing plant and create employment.

Christian heritage

The Christian heritage within the Baltic nations will become a strong anchor and a testimony in the EU. A heart to preserve the Christian heritage of the Baltic nations will be stirred in the EU. This will result from the forceful stand the Baltic nations will take for their own culture and faith. It will become a testimony for the whole EU and cause compassion to arise, especially from Germany.

Spirit of intercession

A spirit of intercession and prayer is rising in these nations. Many people will turn to God because of a sense of insignificance and powerlessness against threats towards their countries and their lives. Religious Shaking and Revival There is a strong religious spirit in this region, and many still believe in icons, statues and types of prayer and rituals. These beliefs will be challenged because the young people returning to the nations are going to come back with the true Gospel.

There will be a shaking between the generations in the area of religion. Older people will be trying to hold on to the old ways, and the young people will be bringing a new flow and spirit, not charismatic or Pentecostal, but a new way of serving God. A spiritual wind will blow over the Baltic states and bring a mini-revival in the hearts of people. There may not be big crusades, but hearts will change. The older people will see the zeal of the younger folk and how they are serving God. This change will not be sudden. Initially, there will be a standoff and tension. A big house-church movement will emerge in these nations.


The culture of the Baltic states will be made visible to the rest of the European nations. This will place more attention on this area of the continent. More Europeans will start to visit these nations.


These three nations have great innovators. They will become known as leaders in the field of renewable energy. The higher education institutions will become institutions of choice due to the leading role that the nations will play in the field of renewable energy. The scientists in these nations will be well known and will develop innovative ideas to address challenges that the nations are facing in agriculture with innovative ideas to minimise the risks posed by natural disasters like flooding.

God will touch the people’s minds in the Baltic nations, and a new ingenuity will come from the people. Baltic people’s great influence on technology, science, culture, arts and entertainment across the world will be made known and bring great pride to their people. These revelations will give the Baltic nations a more prominent voice amongst the other nations of the world, and more attention will be placed on the Baltic people and their plight.


Fish eggs have been dying off due to pollution in the Baltic Sea. There will be a season that they will have to stop fishing in certain areas. In some areas, there will be no fish.

Russian pressure

A big standoff between Russia and the Baltic nations will force them to hold on to their historical roots. Russia will introduce economic policies in terms of gas and energy, which will force nations to stand together. Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia will stand together stronger than ever before, like a David standing against Goliath. This will elicit German intervention and support, ultimately resulting in the EU reembracing the Baltic states. The whole standoff with Russia will result in stimulation of the Baltic state economies by the EU. Many European policies will change regarding these nations.

Finances will come back, drawing many of the young people back that have left. The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will come under pressure in the coming year. They will find themselves being held hostage by restrictions on the supply of gas and oil, causing these commodities’ prices to increase considerably. Due to the economic and political pressure caused primarily by Russia, these nations will be forced to build war machines such as tanks to defend themselves. Conflicts between these nations will also flair up, and the EU and the USA will look to impose sanctions. Russia will attempt to exert a stronger influence in the Baltic countries and force its culture on the Baltic people to integrate these nations into Russia again. This will cause a new pride and a stronger sense of identity rising within the populations.


Corruption due to Russian influence in government will be exposed and cause people to demand change. Political parties opposing Russian influence will join hands and become a powerful force, influencing government decision-making. International Support Attention will be placed on the Russian military and naval bases in the region. The activity of the Russian army will get attention in European and international news. Other nations will join the Baltic nations in speaking against Russia’s intentions and activity in this part of the world.

Union of Baltic states

The union of the Baltic states will become stronger. The constant threat from Russia has caused these three nation’s leaders to ally. Because of the crusaders’ shared history, a heart change and revival will come to these nations.

The Baltic people will engage with their history, realising this is a new generation rising. This new generation has a vision for the future and a new identity. These three countries are rising with a new identity. Protection of the borders will be needed in the northern region. The countries will be taking hands against intruders.


Lithuania will be stretched and pulled by events in the surrounding countries. What will start in Lithuania will affect the countries in that area and also influence Russia. The focus will be on religion and the church in this country, which will affect the Baltic states.

Weather warning

Stirrings in the weather patterns in the area will bring strong winds. Water was seen rising and flooding taking place to the point where surrounding nations will have to come to help.