Coming together

Business leadership, economists, and government are regularly meeting to have indabas, similar to what took place at the end of 2018. This will continue, and new strategies will emerge. These three spheres are coming into agreement and will move together; these new strategies will become a powerful force that will take this economy from its knees and put it back on track.

Growth in the business sector has been levelled out for a long time because of the pressure of the whole state capture drama within the nation. The government will give tax initiatives to help these businesses in 2020.

Creativity in business

Creativity is being deposited in major South African businesses, especially in the area of technology.  These new ideas will greatly impact society and result in businesses being run in a new way.

Some big South African businesses feel that their creativity in doing business is being stifled by the many rules imposed, and they are considering taking their businesses overseas.  The Competition Board should investigate whether rules should be amended or relaxed to retain these businesses in the South African economy.

Financial anointing

A vision was seen of an anointing flowing over the nation, starting from President Cyril Ramaphosa, specifically on finance in businesses in South Africa.

Help is needed

Business consultants are needed to assist in setting up the infrastructure and bringing correction in most government departments, even in the municipalities and police. It seems that it is an infrastructure that is lacking. One or two departments were managing, but now it looks like it has fallen back.  The only way to go is up; the building is needed in government infrastructure. A fresh start is needed with fresh connections. It needs to start from the bottom up.

Business environment

The businesses that anticipated a fallout and slower economy are the ones that are going to do the best. Some businesses have good bank balances, with healthy money in certain areas.  They have rejected certain projects and decided to wait and see. They are using that money to keep business afloat. Towards the end of 2020, we will see an increase in business. Until then, the economy will struggle along.

New platforms

A new platform for young entrepreneurs will be established where they will be exposed to business programs; innovations have been brought in at school level. These entrepreneurs will step out in faith on this new platform.

Renewal of old systems

There will be a revival of old systems built in the past, and that will be adapted for the current stream of businesses, almost as if there was an engine used previously and had lain dormant for a time. The Lord uses the old systems and revives them, but other things need to be put in place for the current generation to understand the old system’s functioning to streamline it for use in current businesses.

Returning to the basics.

Business acumen will be polished; the Lord will take away the things where roots have grown outside of the scope of how he wants businesses to function, and he will plant new seeds. The Lord will remind business people of the strategies he employed previously that he wants to be put in place again. There is a need to go back to basics of what the Lord wants to do and how he wants businesses to run, using the original skills that he wanted to be transferred to other smaller businesses so that the economy can grow from the ground up. The Lord will bring a growth spurt in the economy in November.

Small business

Small business will focus on multiple sources of income; it will become the norm to them. A platform is being created where they will be innovative and come up with new streams of income; they will not only focus on one thing, but they will also have to focus on multiple streams. Spending time with the Lord and seeking the Lord’s face will be important to decide which countries and nations to link with and in which streams of income. Some streams will be local, but some of it will be abroad.

There is a voice coming from the Cape with revolutionary ideas about business and South Africa’s economy. His voice will be noticed in the coming season, and his strategies will help South Africa.

Skilled labour

In terms of business, there will be many opportunities, especially for skilled labour. Much skilled labour is still leaving the nation in 2020, but there will be new opportunities. A big drive will take place, not only from government but from business and institutions, to bring back skilled labour as the Lord is positioning South Africa for a growth spurt, for a turn-around in the economy, and it is part of God’s plan to use the skilled labour that has left South Africa. Many who attempt to leave will find the doors closed and the process difficult.

God plans to boost the middle class in this nation. Big business will take a conservative outlook to business and the economy and won’t strive to employ new staff, with some even reducing the number of employees. This will present the middle-class opportunities to rise as God releases an entrepreneurial grace, with many small businesses implementing their plans in 2020.

Small business funding

Funding initiatives from government and institutions will assist small businesses to get off the ground. Many people have their business plans and are formulating good ideas; 2020 will be the year to step out in faith and implement these plans because God wants to boost the middle class. God will boost the economy not only through big business but through the man on the street, through entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Big corporate business becomes more intentional and focused on using technology and joining the first world nations to run their business, expanding their services through cloud-based operations.


An uprising from unions will occur as the economy comes off its knees. There will be a breakdown between government, unions, and economists; those called to this indaba will have to negotiate very carefully. The unions will lose their power and flavour in the nation.  A national awakening differentiating between socialism and capitalism will occur.  In the past, the media have promoted socialism, but the downside of socialism in terms of the economy will really be propagated and come to the fore. In contrast, the blessing and the benefits of capitalism will be recognised and cause a new work ethic in the economy. People will start to understand what drives the economy.