Hard things were seen for Canada. God’s judgment rests on Canada because of policies and laws being legislated regarding sexual perversion and immorality in the nation, such as laws favouring sexual bestiality. Many natural disasters in Canada will take place because of these laws. God is bringing judgment because the nation has turned away from God.

One of the policies regarding the immigration of Muslims to Canada will cause tremendous conflict and tension. The Canadians themselves are going to rise. In Europe, the Germans and the French have risen against this mass immigration, and French citizens in Canada will rebel similarly.

Liberal agenda collapse

A seemingly very successful liberal government program will collapse and cause a public outcry. This collapse will expose weaknesses in government, and many other projects will be scrutinised. The liberal agenda will lose support because of these events, and many will question the financial expenditure on projects and who really benefits from them.

Canadian oilfields

Some calamity or disaster will happen within Canada’s oilfields that will bring the whole industry and what happens in that area back into the limelight and cause people to question the technology.

Weather patterns

There will be strange weather patterns over the country, with cyclonic storms. This is a warning to prepare and be ready for what is coming.