Economy and business are completely separate. The government keeps trying to pull the businesspeople into government issues, but business is not keen to hold hands with the government; here and there, they are co-operating, but there is no fellowship or trust between them.

Relationship building is important so that government understands business and business has a better understanding of what government is doing going forward.

Government is secretive and not sharing much. Even though they speak transparency, they feed the public what they think they want to know, so it is still a mystery. The way forward for government is not clear, even to themselves. They are faced with an empty page, and they don’t know how to go forward.

Economic heartbeat

The economy looks like a heartbeat going up and down. It will continue like that for the next year. South Africans should not fear or connect their emotions to the economy. It will not always remain on the same level or in decline. There will be ‘ups’, giving the nation intervals where we feel we can ‘breathe’.

During those intervals, new technologies will be developed. The government is invested in the technological revolution, and digitisation will be essential for the next few years. Smaller businesses functioning in ‘niche knowledge’ will connect with government and flourish. New business ideas will lead to start-ups, which will grow quite quickly, and the government will fund some of these businesses. There is hope for start-ups and small and medium businesses in South Africa.

Economic policies

Freedom is being declared over the economy in South Africa.  The stronghold of the past 40 years over the economy will be broken. Huge amendments will be made to South Africa’s economic policies. A whole new way of thinking is being established in the minds of economists and politicians responsible for the economy in South Africa. Alignment is coming as to how the government sees the economy and how the economists see the economy.

Economic strategy

Government is busy preparing the foundations in terms of the path the economy needs to take. The economy is like a slow-moving vehicle; it will take time to implement all the strategies and plans because there are many needs to attend to, such as those of the Unions and ordinary citizens’ needs. Government is trying to implement these strategies but will need the wisdom to prevent resistance from the Unions who have other ideas and agendas.

The economy will grow slowly during 2020, with early growth forecasts downgraded again. As the government’s policies and plans start to be implemented, one will see more positive movement in the economy during the third and fourth quarter of 2020. The government will stimulate the economy by spending on infrastructure upgrades to throw a lifeline to the construction sector to keep business ticking over. So, the government will be the main driver of the economy until their plans and strategies gain momentum to turn the economy around.

Economic trend

The economy will still be failing in South Africa over the next 12 months, and the next 6 months will still be trying. Small businesses are suffering, but from mid-2020 onwards, business will start picking up.

The South African economy will start to pick up slowly at the end of 2019. This momentum will continue throughout 2020. Slowly but surely, the pressure that has been on the consumer will start to lift. There will be an easing of financial pressure in terms of personal and business finance. The South African economy will start to see stronger and more pronounced growth in the middle of 2021.


Dollars are coming into South Africa in terms of financing. There will be opportunities in 2020 for an influx of dollars.

Gold rally

There is a strong emphasis on gold in this next season; the gold price will soar, and those who have bought and invested in gold many years ago will see their investments bearing fruit.

International collaboration

The Lord is bringing international collaboration between South Africa and other African countries. He wants prudent vetting processes to be put in place before the collaboration so that there is proper discernment before entering into long-term contracts.


Regarding investments, do not invest in one area only – invest in a variety of areas, as the Holy Spirit leads.  God will show where and in which projects to invest and will provide the knowledge to do so.

Minimum wage bill

The minimum wage will receive attention in this next season and will be very balanced. There will be outside investment as the nation begins to gain trust again. Also, start-ups will receive government investments. This will primarily happen in terms of training; there will be a great emphasis on training this next season.