New bursaries for education in business will become available in 2020.

Christian schools

The number of Christian schools will increase as God brings a revival in the nation.  The government will support this growth, and it will bring more security for families with school-going children. Private education has been scorned, but private education will be intentional; the curriculum in private education will be above the standard of regular education because of international influence. Parents will start to prepare their children through private education for international influence.


In terms of education, there needs to be an open channel between those who set the curriculum and the teachers on the ground as they have first-hand knowledge and can see what is working and not working. Teachers must share their views as they will make a positive impact in guiding the policy and decision-makers in assisting them to sharpen and refine the current curriculums.

Education policies

A drastic shift in education and policies will result in child-centric education where the Lord wants to elevate an understanding of the individual child first in pre-primary schooling so that children will have an understanding of self and an understanding of God and the path that they are taking before they reach primary school. It is almost like streamlining them into an education system that allows them to choose their careers timeously.


The Lord wants to put an elaborate system in place between homeschooling and main-stream schooling and improve understanding between the two. Testing and assessment systems will allow homeschooling communities the same assessment of their children’s progress.

Sports grounds should be established in main-stream schools that allow home-schooled children to participate and develop community-building and social skills in collaboration between the two streams.

There was very slow change in education for many years, and none of the great expectations was met.  The Lord will change the education system, and new leadership will embrace a simplistic approach to education.  God says simplicity is the answer. All the “grand and new” strategies that have been implemented in the past, i.e. taking away the colleges, bringing back the colleges, changing the curriculum, adopting a new curriculum… none of that had improved learners’ ability to do maths and to read and to write.  God says:  Go back to the basics.

Historical African roots

There is a strong emphasis on a holistic curriculum adapted to all cultures, including African historical roots. All sectors of education are coming together to develop a curriculum adapted to all cultural groups.

International support

A businessman from overseas, an expert in his field but not well-known, will become involved in education. He does not want to receive attention. He will ‘put his finger on education’ and guide government, pointing out areas where change is necessary. This will bring about change. He will be investing money into alternative structures for education (and not necessarily in government education structures).

Educators will connect internationally. Delegations will visit other countries to see how education is working and what is being implemented. Our educators are not isolated.

Minister of education

People are very anxious in this season concerning education. People are depressed and negative about it. Teachers and educators are really struggling to be positive and look on the good side.

The minister of education will be changed; the new minister will be a man who will lead. He will instil a sense of fathering and lead change amongst the scholars in our communities. This man will bring change where there has been hopelessness and no vision.

This change will result in teachers imparting skills to the children differently; discipleship, for lack of another word, mothering and nurturing in the classroom at different stages in schooling will allow children to grow up with a sense of direction, of being loved and valued.

This will bring changes that the teachers can relate to. Their complaints or suggestions and requests will be heard and addressed and not ignored. For now, education is just ticking over.

These big changes are coming and are being discussed in conferences. They are discussing what can be changed and adjusted to make positive changes to education.

New interim course

Many school-leaving pupils are not varsity ready.  An interim course is being planned to prepare pupils for further education.

New strategies

A three-tiered plan will be implemented: firstly correction, secondly bridging the gap(s) and thirdly, a focus on growth. Correction will revolve around basic skills like reading and writing, which will take prevalence. The initial step will be a long-term plan spanning over a few years (five-year plan for correction). Some of the children will be ‘moved back’ a few years, not so much in government schools but at independent organisations. The children will catch up parts of the education which they ‘lost’.

The intermediate phase of the plan (bridging the gap) is similar to a gap year after school, before commencing with tertiary education. Necessary gap education will take place on that level.  Troublemakers at the tertiary education level will still try to disrupt education, but it will not cause education to decline.

Growth in technology for ‘alternative’ and elective education will take place. A system will be developed where bridge education and elective education will work together.

Online schools

Online schools and online learning will become more prevalent in 2020 and beyond. It will become more accessible in rural areas. Where currently there is no fibre, for example, there will be more Internet access. Large classes where there were 45 children in a class will be reduced because of online education. These learners will be helped; where they were previously only a number in the classroom, they will receive one-on-one tuition.

The university curriculum will be adjusted to educate teachers regarding online teaching. Teachers will learn how to expand their reasoning and learn to facilitate the online process and become more tech-savvy. Online education will make international opportunities accessible to students. For example, if somebody wanted to become an astronaut, no such programs are available in South African education. Online education will assist students in stepping into their destiny and calling that God has for them. Networking will take place once they go to university, and they will have a much larger education base than they had before.

Pre-schools and primary schools

Government funding for pre-schools and primary schools will improve to increase the number of teachers per learners and improve the level and quality of education—assessment of learners, the how and the when, will be considered afresh.  A more playful way of learning and assessment will be introduced at the lower levels of education.

Teachers will be expected to be accountable in a new way.  A new work ethic will be introduced.  There will be a greater focus on teaching and learning and less on administrative compliance.

A new program is designed for the primary school level. It is intentional about the roles of fathers in the family and reuniting families again. In 2020 and the latter part of the year, we will reap the rewards and the fruit of that educational program.

Retaining teachers

There is a big need to retain quality teachers in South Africa as this has become a sought-after profession. Teachers and those completing their training to become teachers are being drawn away to other nations to look for greener pastures; however, it is not the season to leave but to stay in South Africa to help change and transform the youth and future generations.


SADTU will undergo a change in leadership.  The Lord is raising a leader in SADTU with a true heart for education whose focus will not be to use the education system as a vehicle to acquire higher political positions.

School counsellors

Teachers will be interested in teaching the assigned curriculums and will be very concerned about the welfare of the students. Much counselling will take place and valuable input given. God will stir up the prophetic gift in teachers’ lives to assist in identifying troubled areas in the lives of students. God will uniquely use these teachers to bring restoration healing to many children.

Churches will play a bigger role at school as Christian youth workers will start to assist counselling at schools and training young boys how to treat learners and girls how to stand up and respond to abuse.


Government and schools will acquire better security measures and systems; schools will employ even parents and jobless persons to beef up security on school grounds.

Skills drive

A major shift in the nation’s educational philosophy will start to take place. Much of the educational drive was philosophical and focused on transferring knowledge. A greater focus on skill development will commence.  A drive for skill development training for post-matric will become a strong focus in terms of education.

This will be funded partially by a coalition between business and government. A major driver behind this will be the high unemployment rate as people are not adequately trained for skill-required jobs.

Spiritual Apostolic and Prophetic strategies

Leaders in education in various provinces will come together and meet with church leaders. Apostles and prophets will provide these leaders with strategies to wrestle the different principalities and strongholds in the various provinces. They will guide them and provide clear instruction on how to combat these forces. Many plans and ideas have been put forward, but these problems’ spiritual roots have not been dealt with. The church and these education leaders will fast and pray to change the different provinces’ spiritual atmosphere. This initiative will assist in curbing the increase in drug usage and violence seen in schools.

Violence impacting education

A strong focus on a value-based curriculum will emerge. Rape, murder, and the use of nyope and other drugs that have been infiltrating schools and have been holding the education system back will break because of strong values raised through the curriculum. Teachers will step up and take leadership in the classroom.

Witchcraft in education

Witchcraft and traditional beliefs and the understanding of the worship of ancestors, which is very strong in certain sectors of education, will lose momentum. It will lose impact and influence as a new minister comes into power.