A splintering

A splintering is coming in the European Union (EU). A strong individualistic trend is emerging among the EU nations. EU nations want to be self-regulatory again and not form part of a bigger group of nations. Many participating nations will try to disentangle themselves from the EU with many meetings taking place in secret between heads of state and the EU. The EU leaders will try to keep these nations in the EU.

Different nations in the EU are beginning to lose their identity. In the years that the EU has been controlling them, they have lost the sense of who they are, especially the Italians. They don’t feel Italian anymore; they feel controlled and manipulated. Although the country did prosper under the EU, Italians see that they have benefited in one area but lost in another. Many of the EU member nations will want to stand up and be individual nations again.

There will be much arm wrestling in the spirit and in the natural and jockeying for position as these nations attempt to stand up against stronger nations like France and Germany. France and Germany will try to persuade them to stay in the EU by causing more trade to come their way and with special deals with loans. There will be an increase in borrowing, especially by Italy and Spain. They are borrowing money to stay afloat; their economic ship is busy sinking, and they are struggling to stay economically viable.

There are several agreements between the various EU countries, with some of the smaller countries in the EU feeling bullied by the more powerful nations such as Germany and France. Several smaller EU nations will not want to honour the terms of previous agreements. This will result in further separation in the EU. Evidence of this will be seen across various media outlets, and leaders of certain EU nations will publicly speak out against each other. The people’s will to return to their roots is strong, and many within these nations are propagating that.

A stronger stance

Currently, it seems like the EU has a soft stance on many issues. This will change as the EU leadership will take a stronger stance in defence of their people and policies, which will become apparent in their dealings towards Russian threats against EU countries. In this coming year, the EU will take a different stand regarding not seeing itself as the only mediator between the East and the West, but taking a strong stance in protecting the earth and its people. God’s Call on the European Union The Lord is calling the EU to stand regarding the nations.

They have tried to accommodate everyone and everything. The EU has a Biblical responsibility to protect the people in these nations. God has called the EU to help protect the rest of the world from strong influences of individual nations that want to govern, take over and control other nations, especially Russia, the United Arab Emirates and America. The EU has played a balancing role, and the Lord will let them take a stand against what is wrong and stand for what is right. The EU has been formed out of nations with a strong Christian heritage, and the Lord is calling that heritage out to stand for what is right and true and not to accommodate what is wrong and what is false.

Eastern and Western Europe

Eastern European nations that are part of the EU will start grouping and becoming a strong voice. A bigger divide between the western European and eastern European nations will be seen in opinions and their sentiment towards certain decisions made within the EU. A call will go forth for a change of leadership, specifically for the European Commission president’s resignation, Jean-Claude Juncker. The Eastern European nations will be strong proponents for this change in leadership. These nations will demand a stronger voice in decision making regarding regulations and what happens in the EU.

Secret organisations are targeting the finances of the eastern and northern regions of Europe. This revelation will cause disinvestment in these regions.


Discussions and plans are already underway to make the EU independent in their energy needs. Conflict with Russia and disagreements that will occur between the EU and Arab nations will necessitate this step. The EU will promote new ways of generating electricity and alternatives to fuel, enabling them to source what they need within their own borders and become an example to the rest of the world of what is possible. A new form of energy will be developed, causing the European region to move away from what is common and moving into something different that will spread all over Europe and bring an energy revolution. It may be a combination of known technology with something new that they discovered and put together. Germany is sitting on that and not releasing it.


A wave of evangelism will flow over many European nations. A new boldness will characterise this wave in believers to proclaim the Gospel publicly. The boldness in the people will increase despite authorities’ attempts and the introduction of new rules to restrict people’s ability to voice their religious beliefs in public. Believers will be seen boldly proclaiming the Gospel, while other religions criticise and protest against these actions. There will be media coverage about this conflict.

These events will place a hidden segment of the population in the public spotlight. The publicity will spark interest in the Gospel message in Europe, resulting in conversions amongst Muslims and a new interest in Christianity. Simultaneously, a counterfeit religious movement will arise in opposition to the move of God.

Exposure of corrupt operations

A vision was seen of a big sword hitting the EU; God addresses some inequalities in terms of regulations and laws and how they are implemented. People are complaining and protesting to have their laws revisited. Inequality in terms of the application of the law over migrants and citizens will be addressed. A strong form of inequality will be broken. People will be judged on the same basis under the law.


In some parts of Europe, instability will occur with certain monarchies. Specifically, in Monaco, this will bring back a focus onto their history and the validity of the crown.

Nationalist movements

Strong nationalist movements are occurring in all the member states that will be difficult to contain. The EU is agitated, especially Jean-Claude Juncker, because they have a vision of establishing an empire and it is not going to come to fruition. The EU will not be dismantled, but states are going to insist on their own identities. The cumbersome bureaucracy that the EU has developed will again be in the spotlight because it demands too many member states’ resources.