Family and finance

There is currently tremendous financial pressure on families. Unfortunately, there will be continued pressure on families in 2020, which drives the children to violence and drug addiction as the parents don’t have solutions to their problems.

Family under attack

In 2020, spiritual attacks on families will increase with the enemy wanting to stir up racial conflict. News articles will report on such incidents in private and public schools. God wants to intervene, and the body of Christ really needs to pray for protection against these attacks on families. The church will play a vital role in assisting with the restoration of broken families and affected children.


Furthermore, 2020 will be a year where God really gets hold of the hearts of fathers and mothers, and many of their priorities will be changed. Previously, parents have focused too much on what the news has published and have been negatively affected by the various challenges facing South Africa, resulting in them forcing their children in a direction that God does not desire for them to go.

Their hearts will change to focus more on what God has planned for their children. They will hear more clearly on whether their children should stay in South Africa or go overseas and what their children should be studying. No longer will their decisions be based on what the news media report.

Family challenges have become more prominent. Abuse and rape against women and children reflect how the people in the nation feel. They are not positive about one another, so they attack and abuse one another. There are much anger and frustration in families. Education at school level on how to treat one another and connect is the only way to bring change.

Churches play a huge part in restoring families and bringing families into the right way through teaching, training, and fellowship. For now, there is a huge vacuum on facing these issues, even in the church.

The Minister of Women and Children has her arms folded, and her head is shaking. She is taking advice, but men give her advice that is not skilled in psychology and family relationships. She needs to clean out the group advising her and consult those that understand family issues and education. The two are connected; families need to be educated, and that must happen at school level.

Families in South Africa have been in crisis for some time.  Families have abdicated their responsibilities in terms of family life and discipline and surrendered these to the government.  The government must teach their children to be responsible, and schools must teach their children how to be respectful.

Government, the church in South Africa and social society will take hands and holistically address this issue to raise awareness for responsible family life.   This will result in a moral regeneration that will be showcased in the media; advertisements will promote good family values and respect for one another.  Healthy family life will become the basis of education and will result in improved scholastic performances.

Stronghold broken

South African families are in trouble. There is a sixty-year stronghold that hangs over South African families. God is going to break this stronghold in 2020. Families will reconcile, and those separated due to the apartheid years and ‘broken down’ will experience healing. The role of the father will be restored. Some of those who went overseas will return to South Africa due to this stronghold being broken.

The sixty-year stronghold caused an ‘overactive’ maternal structure in families and society. God is changing that; the change was starting in 2020. God will teach fathers how to lead their families and how to bring up children. There was a lack of knowledge, which will be restored through the churches, schools and communities. This will lead to community projects, by which families will be helped and taught how to be families again.

The Lord says He wants to shut down the enemy’s whispers in the ears of families on how to qualify a father, how to qualify a mother or what makes that distinction in family life. He wants to elevate the father’s role; teaching on how to become a father will come in different streams, including employee-father relationship and pastor-congregant relationship.

He wants to bring back the mother-daughter relationship with intentional love, groom each other, and raise each other. The sweeter, softer voice of women will be more evident. Women have gone the other way; they have gone to the harsher side because they feel their voice is not heard, but He wants to bring the softer side, the maternal, back into family life.

Godly examples

Government leaders will set healthy examples for fathering, and they will reunite and bring back Godly values in family life.

Restoration of fathers

The role of the father will be restored in families. God will raise specific ministries that are passionate about this. Collaboration between government, church and school will bring this about, healing the father’s role in homes.


The rape crisis has reached epidemic proportions in the country. In addition, 67% of families are single-headed households. Government is taking note, and they will prioritise solving the socio-economic problems in the nation. More funds from the government will be made available into family and education in terms of training. Support from the government towards women in the nation will increase.

The government will initiate strong moves to address the femicide seen during 2018. There will be support, particularly for single mothers and their role as leaders in families.

March for families

A parliamentarian is going to promote a march.  This man has a very strong family and a strong leadership ability. His emphasis is on the family;  we will see him in the future, organising this march. Government and business with be coming together to address socio-economic problems, bringing a holistic revival in families in the nation.