Terror attack

A terrorist attack will happen in a major city on an unprecedented level that has not happened in any German city before. The outcry will be so extreme and so vigorous that it will force the government to reconsider Germany’s immigration policy, which will be changed and extended into the European Union.

Change in leadership

The current political party (the CDU) will have a change in leadership. Angela Merkel will run for president again, but other people in the ranks will emerge as her season is ending. A position within the European Union will be created for her. Her seat of power will increase through this new position.

Renewal of purpose

A renewal of purpose in the nation is emerging. The German people are reminded of the strong heritage they have in their national monuments and buildings. This heritage gives people a strong sense of identity and pride and carries them through difficult times.

A picture was seen of a cherry tree blossoming. The blossoms were very beautiful. In this time, the Lord is restoring the German nation’s purpose to be a blessing to the nations. They are called to be a blessing to His people and a blessing to the gospel. Many Christians in Germany are praying, and they will see the fruit of those prayers manifest.

Opportunity for evangelism

The refugee crisis has brought about a huge opportunity for evangelism. The Lord has suddenly called many evangelists from across the world to start ministries in Germany. There will be mass conversions to Christ among the refugees. What the enemy planned as a takeover of Europe, God is turning around. Their hunger for the gospel is insatiable.

The Gospel will be a lifestyle, and equipping refugees for ministry work will be much faster than seen in most Western churches. These refugees are hungry to mature. Equipping them will be a challenge to the church in Germany as well as in other European nations. Many refugees will be sent back to their Muslim nations where their testimony will create an explosion and uproar. Many will be beheaded and martyred, but they will not care because they have been convicted and convinced of the goodness of Christ. Huge movements of evangelism crusades into the Muslim countries will start again.

Medical breakthrough

Germany is working on something good that is hidden from the public. It will be a specific medical breakthrough that will be a blessing to the world.

Assassination fail

An assassination attempt on Angela Merkel will fail.

German economy

The economy is still very strong and will continue to grow. The motor industry will experience a slowing down in sales with a period of decline, but eventually, it will start to pick up again.

There is a campaign to bring back the Deutsch Mark.

Chrislam judged

The Lord is judging specific church groups who have positioned themselves wrongly in this last season. These church groups have aligned themselves with the Islamic movement, proclaiming that Allah and God are the same Lord. The judgement of the Lord is on them. A spear was seen hitting a Lutheran church building.

Far-right movement

A very strong resurgence of the far right will be seen.

Squatter villages

Squatter areas in small villages are causing people to become very unhappy with immigrants putting up tents and little zinc houses. The German people are not pleased, and there is an outcry in the villages affected by squatting.