The new leadership in South Korea is re-visiting government positions and agreements. A new political stance will open up new opportunities and change the negative perception that some nations have of South Korea.

Japan, the old rival of Korea, will develop a stronger relationship with Korea and start working together to stabilise the region. A new level of integrity in business will emerge. It will seem as if the Japanese culture of integrity will rub off on the Koreans.

The new South Korean leader will be very open to meet with his North-Korean counterpart. The state leader of North Korea, Kim Yong-Un, will visit South Korea. South Korea will open a door for this historic event by removing propaganda methods and strategies to better relations between the North and themselves.

The Lord’s goal is to restore families; the division between the nations broke many families, but family members will be seeing each other again after many years. A vision was seen of grandfathers weeping as they see their grandchildren for the first time. There will be a great restoration of families in this season. It might only be for a very short season, and then tensions between these nations will flare up again.

A meeting between the North Korean president and Russian president Putin was seen. They will discuss and agree on many things.