2020 Prophetic words for South Africa’s media & arts covering YouTubers, attacks on artists, a Nobel Literature award and more.

Animators and gaming

Animation and game design will have an African flavour that will be very popular from 2020 to 2021. App designers will be coveted because they will generate the economy for small businesses and be in big demand. Even education facilities will advertise app design and game design programs to draw in the younger generation, which will also have a ripple effect on the generations to come.

There will be an opportunity for underprivileged communities in media in 2020. Untapped communities will be reached by modern media in 2020 and will birth a desire in the young generation who want to be part of the arts and the media mountain.

Arts in schools

Art education in schools will continue. It will play a more vital role because of developing creativity. However, some creative people will go overseas once they leave school, but others will stay. A young artist is being raised overseas as part of God’s plan for SA. There will be an investment in artists in South Africa, but there will be a balance. Specific businesses will start to invest more in arts – especially in young people and not so much in well-known artists. Bursaries will be available.

A number of those who go overseas to be trained there will return as teachers. The return of well-skilled artists will go together with value-driven campaigns to impart good values into the arts.

More prominent actors will stand with one foot in Christianity and the other in secular media. God is doing this to impart values on His heart into society and communities. These actors will ‘push’ new values into society.

Prophetic words: Christian arts

The Lord wants to have an identity of Christ in the arts in the way we worship, in the development of drama and movies. In a new broadcasting channel/house, dramas and series will be developed that are more Christ centred, teaching the values of family life more gently and addressing social issues that we are not paying attention to.

There will be a collaboration between painting artists in the mainstream and prophetic painters. They all display different arts in a soccer-field-wide space and explain what inspires them to draw people into the love of painting again.

There is an attack on Christian artists, musicians, or anybody who sings worship songs, and even on those in secular music who sing in the name of the Lord. We need to stand in the gap for them and lift them before the Lord.

2020 is the time for Christian media to ‘get their house in order. New plans will not work unless that is done. God is going to the roots of Christian media. Christian media has to adhere to legislation, pay taxes, get structures in order, avoid trying to get away with tricks, or try to ‘trick’ councils, governments and spiritual bodies overseeing them. It is time to ‘walk the talk’.

God is removing the roots of preconceived ideas and agendas. It is time for God’s agenda in Christian media. New people will be employed with a focus to ‘turn back to God’.

Church and media

The Lord is raising a louder, more distinctive voice in media emanating from the churches. It is almost as if the Lord has put aside specific and consecrated a people that He wants to teach how to speak Christ into the masses in the media sphere. He is launching them out in 2020 to be a louder voice that drowns out anything else that the enemy is putting into the media, and it will draw people’s attention to the mandate of Christ.


Media credibility is under attack, especially in South Africa. Any news released is questioned. Credibility must come for the sake of the serious journalists, media and art people who have given their lives to do this. They are earnest about the media and arts’ integrity and credibility and want credibility to return.

Film industry

A boom in the film industry, specifically from an international influx in Cape Town, will have a South African theme and a South African story that needs to be told. A South African film presented at the Cannes Film Festival will put South Africa back on the map.

There will be a surge of work due to the international film influx in 2020, but they will also discover hidden gems like Mpumalanga for filming instead of the usual sites that have been used in the past.

God and secular media

God wants to go to the roots of secular media as well. Some journalists are not covering the news as they should. So much has been going on beneath the surface that the media have not covered. Some have been bribed to stay silent, while others are too scared to talk.

There have been two camps in the media and the arts: Firstly, the charlatans, the risk-takers, the chancers, and the people that don’t care, who want to be seen and heard. The second group are serious journalists. There is a huge schism between the two camps. Efforts are being made to root out the charlatans and those giving bad reports. There is almost a war against fake news and issues in the media.

A big media house will decline market share due to the ‘roots’ of that media house not being in order. Only once the roots of the media are tackled in SA will the media grow stronger.

Government and media

The Lord is raising people in government media departments who will respond to journalists more ethically and unbiasedly. They will present the real state of affairs and not cover up things.

There have been complaints about the costs of concerts held in the nation whenever there is a special day; musicians and speakers are invited, and everybody dances and sings. However, these events are cathedrals of joy, drawing people and bringing them together into unity.

Informal filming

Informal cell phone filming with 5-minute, 7- a minute or even 20-minute clips of families talking or doing their daily chores are being released onto digital platforms and will impact communities. The storyline is excellent, and schools will be putting them up on screens to show what the children have filmed about happenings in their community.

Information minister

The new information minister is a person of vision and a person of the future. Digital television will migrate at a faster pace than anticipated. For now, the government is delaying it, but there will be a quick migration. The minister will see a need for the education of actors. The private sector will become involved with the funding. A new television station like a DSTV platform with family shows will start by broadcasting one hour a day and grow to 12 hours a day.

Interactive media

Media will become more interactive. There will be options through newspapers and magazines for interactive reactions from readers. This interactive process will create informational videos to unite communities and bring unity across community borders.

Local flavour

A local person with a vision to bring local stories to the media will emerge. God has already birthed this in the person’s heart. A very well-known or recognised Christian-based movie production company in South Africa will be on par with international standards that will impact this nation and nations across the borders. Media will be used again in education to impact that sphere and the country with discipleship values and grounding God wants to release.

New initiatives will develop the arts as there is a great wealth of good local and African content, writers and actors. This talent will come to the fore, with many performing in Johannesburg and Cape Town. In addition, new dance productions will bring out the hidden gems in South Africa that will help the artists gain access to international stages in America and Europe because there will be talent scouts looking out for new talent.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of support for local artists, some will look for opportunities elsewhere. Prayer for the industry is needed so that South Africa does not lose these talented artists because God wants to use their stories to inspire the youth.

More local bands will receive exposure on radio stations. Some will be invited overseas to open for famous artists, which will provide good exposure for South Africa’s music industry and the talent therein. Production companies will send scouts to music festivals to look for new talent or the next ‘big sensation’, focusing on artists from underprivileged backgrounds from ‘third world’ countries to promote inspirational stories. So, 2020 will be a year of great opportunity for those who have been sowing for many years. Many of these artists have wanted to give up, but in 2020 they will receive recognition and fame.


Poetry, especially poems written in indigenous South African languages, will change communities and the nation. Poetry will have solid connections with different social media platforms, but poetry books will also be published again.

A new move of poetry, more specifically Christian poetry, will bring about a crossover of mainstream poetry and Christian poetry. There is a hunger for expressing who God is and people’s identity that the Lord is drawing together. Mainstream and Christian poetry will flow together; one will ask the question, and the other will provide an answer. 

Propaganda vs truth

In 2020, two media streams will become more prevalent, one pushing propaganda and another trying to publish the truth, but they will face much persecution. We must pray for them that God will give them the courage to continue exposing the works of darkness.

Prophetic words: Publishing

Publishing has become a very slow media outlet, with primarily educational material being published. A surge and release of indigenous Zulu and Xhosa stories written in English will appeal to the South African market. Outstanding authors and good quality publications, and the material will be released.

The demise in the magazine trade caused magazines to migrate to digital resources, but this is no longer working either; to distribute their material, they will put their magazines on Facebook and Instagram. Much of the material is life-changing. The stories need to be heard because they help people understand their situation by hearing someone else’s stories (like group therapy digitally).

A Wits professor is working with the media and art department on material that South Africans can relate to, and he is earnest about it. He has written many papers and talked to many people, but he gets blocked. Every time he wants to release something, it is blocked. In 2020 he will have an open door to go ahead and do this. He is not alone but has two or three people who have the same vision to release material that South African people can relate to (instead of foreign material that we enjoy but that does not tell our story).

More authors will be optimistic about publishing. Many unwritten books in draft form have not been published. Piles are lying on editors’ desks. God will give them a unique idea on how to manage these unpublished works. Books will be sold on a flash stick that can be plugged into a computer and read. It will be easy to get hold of these books because authors are desperate to get their stories read. Their calling is to write the stories. Some have dreamt the stories. Some love to put things down into words; words are what they work with, and words need to go out into the nation to bring about the changes we need. The preaching, the church, and the economy use words. The authors of the stories will bring about a considerable change.

The Lord is igniting a passion for writing family-based books to teach children different things from a very young age, with pictures and drawings and arty little things that draw their attention while giving them a life lesson or a God lesson in between.

Very young people in their teenage years are using that platform to start their businesses, writing books for children and writing books for each other, expressing the flavour of their era and their environment.

Many small books and short stories will be published; some will print, but many will be digital. These stories will also be value-driven.


There is a rap artist from the coloured community who is very successful and who gives funny political and social commentary. He has a significant following among the youth. He will change the way the youth in South Africa think about their country.

Two icons in the music industry in South Africa will come together and create and develop a programme to foster unity across social divides.  


Despite the problems that the SABC face, the government has decided to retain it. Great changes are coming for the institution. The current board has gone to great lengths to implement the Auditor-General’s report, and they are intentional in turning the institution around. The SABC will intend to bring a balanced view to its viewers on politics, social issues, and finances; even employing people will ensure that opposing views are catered for.

The SABC will become the pinnacle of state-owned enterprises. It will be an inspiration for other state-owned enterprises. The SABC will be known as a responsible institution, and its coverage will also be responsible. They have a great impact and reach viewers that cannot afford more expensive options.

Regarding media, there is a huge African or international media company that has its eye on the SABC. The main purpose of them partnering with the SABC is to gain access and use its established infrastructure to produce and expose new, upcoming talent.

Large corporations like Google and Facebook launch bursaries and initiatives, specifically in Cape Town and Johannesburg. These large corporations have identified Africa’s continent as a key growth area for their businesses. They are poaching and copying the talent and ideas of young technologically savvy entrepreneurs in this nation.

Social media

Social media platforms will be utilised so much more in 2020. Many institutions and communities will utilise social media platforms as places of activism for their respective plights.

Our perception of social media will change. Content-on-demand will grow as it has been doing on paid-for platforms and general social media platforms as people will get fed-up with information being in their faces constantly.

Special recognition

An African will win some kind of Nobel Literature award, putting Africa back on the map. He will be from South Africa, but he might not be an indigenous South African.

Strong demand will come from Europe for South African arts, particularly in school choirs, and different forms of music that will unite music and all the art forms.

Sports and arts

A marriage as such is coming between sports and arts. When a sporting event is being hosted, half of the event will be dedicated to art such as music, singing, or dancing. A focus on cultural arts will bring cohesiveness across different cultural communities. It will establish an appreciation for different cultures.


There are a new sound and new voice of YouTubers with a South African flavour; real-time live YouTubers will grow amongst the younger generation. It will bring multi-generational unity that will work together well, and because of that growth, businesses and even pharmaceutical companies will sponsor advertising and sponsorship. This will break forth a brand new phase for media in South Africa.

Untimely deaths

Attacks on artists as they are raised to a certain level, often resulting in deaths, will continue. This has something to do with witchcraft against these artists because of jealousy against them, the money they earn, and their fans. A picture was seen of one artist elevated, surrounded by hundreds looking for that same platform. There is a projection against these artists, and we need to pray against this witchcraft to stop.

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