Leadership change

A change in leadership will take place. The people need to choose their next leader very carefully; otherwise, things could regress into conflict as it was before with many tribal issues.

New tourism ideas

The tourism minister will refresh the area with new ideas. Ships will stop at the main port because it will be a tourist attraction. The port will be completely revamped and revitalised into a waterfront.

Namibians have been proud of the land’s barrenness, their wide-open spaces and their love for wildlife. Tourists will have a respite from the barrenness of the Namibian desert at waterfront shops.

Desalination of water

Namibia will increasingly make use of new technologies for desalination of water as well as groundwater for productivity.

Infrastructure development

Infrastructure will be developed, specifically for transporting goods through the country and to and from other African countries. This development will open up stronger and greater economic sectors in Namibia to support the import and export of goods through harbours, through the country’s interior and into other countries. Activity at border posts will increase more than ever before with the influx of people and goods. Namibia will become a place of stability and security for import and export goods and people movement.

Greater development of airports in Namibia will take place. A strong international hub will be created. Many more flights will go through this airport to many parts of Africa and other parts of the world.